Adult Affiliate Programs [+HOW TO PROMOTE THEM?]

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There are many adult products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer, and many of these pay premium commissions.

Just to be clear, adult products refer to anything that is legal but is only legally sold to adults. Examples of these are marijuana paraphernalia, gambling, pornography, food supplements for sex, and sex toys.

Now, while these products look promising, there are also caveats, which I want to discuss in detail with you today. By the end of these pros and cons of adult affiliate programs, you should be able to decide if it is worth it for your business or not 🙂

pros and cons of adult affiliate programs.

Pros and Cons of Adult Affiliate Programs

Pro 1: Lots of affiliate networks

There are many affiliate networks that you can join, and these networks are made so that you can find specific products that you can promote.

Examples of these are:

  • CPAMatica
  • CrakRevenue
  • MobIdea
  • MaxBounty
  • LeadBit
  • Peeerfly

Just to give you context, these affiliate networks are like ClickBank and CJ Affiliates, but they offer adult related affiliate products too.

Now, if you want to work directly with a company and not with a network, you can visit online casino sites. There are thousands of online gambling facilities that offer affiliate programs without the involvement of affiliate networking sites.

In the adult industry, there is no shortage of affiliate networks where you can find products to promote. Just like any commodity, there is stiff competition among companies that product sex toys, food supplements for sex, gambling and many more. It is really a matter of choosing the niche that you are passionate about.

Pro 2: Big earning potential

Because of the nature of the industry, the companies that produce adult products know that their market has money to burn.


Because the consumers of these products are working adults. As such, the price that they pay is premium compared to your typical mainstream products.

Many affiliate programs in the adult industry pay at least 50% commission. And that is only the beginning. I have even seen gambling sites that pay 100% of the player’s first deposit.

What does this mean? Let us say that you promoted a casino or sports booking website. If the player deposited $10, you also get $10 as your commission.

But there is one caveat to this. Affiliate commission is huge, but almost all of them are only one-time payments. If you want recurring commissions, the best adult product to promote would be a subscription service like those used for pornographic websites.

Even bearing this in mind, the adult industry can still be a very lucrative market if you know what you are doing.

Pro 3: Big audience size

There are billions of adults out there—all with adult needs. There is no question about the market—it is only a matter of finding them.

While society shuns the existence of adult products and services like gambling, marijuana, and sex toys, it does not mean that there are no people looking for these things.

One good thing about the adult affiliate marketing business is that there are networks where you can advertise. All you need to do is to sign-up for an advertising account, and then they will take care of your ad placement.

If you want, you can also build your own website, so you do not have to spend on ads. Or you can build sales funnels. You see, affiliate marketing for adult products works exactly like typical affiliate marketing.

One word of caution, though: there are countries where the promotion of adult products is illegal. Make sure you know the laws of your country. The last thing you want is to get to jail for it.

Pro 4: Various payment systems

You might be surprised if I told you that you could accept commissions via PayPal, even if the commission is from an adult network.

Here are some more payment systems:

  • Paxum
  • Payoneer
  • Cheque
  • Wire
  • WebMoney

Most affiliate networks in the adult industry pay Net 15 or Net 30. What this means is that you get paid 15 days or 30 days after the invoice was made.

Some affiliate programs pay bi-weekly. Just like other affiliate programs, you have to meet certain conditions. For example, the customer you referred must not have asked for a refund.

Another common condition is the 30-day cooling period. It means that the Net 30 or Net 15 countdown begins 30 days after your referral made a payment. Once these conditions are met, you will receive your payment. It takes a while to get affiliate commissions, but it certainly is worth the wait.

Pro 5: Adult Scares off Some of the Competition

I myself own one website that promotes an adult affiliate product, and the main reason I got into this is because I saw the amount of people that are literally scared off by promoting such products!

For example, I am a member of a Facebook group about buying and selling websites and I often see people state things such as “no adult”. With so many people scared off, it means the rewards can be higher for those willing to take the risk and know how to do it right.

Con 1: Difficult to advertise mainstream

In mainstream advertising, you can use Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media networks. You can also use Google, YouTube, and so much more.

You cannot do this with adult products. All mainstream media do not accept ads for adult products.

So, what do you do?

Pretty much, you are left with only a few choices—adult advertising networks. While there are many networks where you can advertise, like Traffic Factory, you have to understand that most of these are congested.

If you visit pornographic sites, you will realize that there are so many ads for various adult products. Since the advertising spaces are too limited, there is some serious competition for bidding that is going on here.

The worst problem you have is that the manufacturer of your chosen product may also be advertising on the same network. In short, you are in direct competition with your product source.

Your only course of action is work harder and smarter yourself—build your site or funnel and drive traffic to it the organic way.

Con 2: Lots of scammy offers and products

In the adult industry, there are many unscrupulous companies that take advantage of a human being’s weakness.

For example, there are those that sell penis enlargers—which often simply do not work. They are scammy, to say the least. There are also authors who make promises about how to make millions in blackjack.

If you promote these products without trying them yourself, you will easily lose your credibility. You want to become a reliable source of information for people, so that they will trust content from your brand. Take the time to buy and test all products you promote and you are far more likely to find longer term success.

If you are not able to purchase certain products, the least you can do is read reviews about the product and make a sensible judgment from these reviews.

There are many websites that review adult products, especially gambling sites. Take your time to read the reviews and carefully assess the comments of users and customers who are unhappy with their experience.

Use your common sense too. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is 🙂

Con 3: Limited ways to sell

Laws and morality are going to prevent you from promoting your adult affiliate products widely. It is not like as if you can just go to Quora and tell people that you know of great dildos—people will report you and your account can get banned.

Here are some more things I found out about adult affiliate marketing:

  • You cannot advertise on YouTube
  • You cannot advertise on Google
  • You cannot advertise on Facebook and other social media channels

So, how will you promote your adult affiliate products?

Here are some of my recommendations:

  • Adult traffic network
  • Your own website
  • Blogs of other people
  • Adult Social Influencers (mostly on Twitter)

One of my favourites is using the blogs of other people related to your industry. What you need to do is to find a blog about the adult niche. Next, investigate how much traffic this site is getting. If you like the numbers, contact the blogger and arrange an advertising contract.

Con 4: High cost of advertising

I mentioned earlier that there are only a few places where you can advertise adult products. Because of this, the cost can also get higher and higher.

I tried to do this via Traffic Junky, and I found out that the minimum deposit is $200. This is a lot of money, especially for marketers who are just starting out.

If you attempt to advertise within blogging networks, prepare to pay at least $60 for a sidebar banner per month.

The adult industry is lucrative, but you need to spend money to make money. Before you get into this, the typical capital that many experts require is $3,000.

Now, I am not saying that you need this exact amount of money. You can succeed in the adult affiliate marketing business with only a website, but it is going to take some time. Like a typical affiliate marketing business, what you want to focus on is search engine optimization. You should also listen to affiliate marketing podcasts.

You have to find like-minded bloggers who will be willing to swap backlinks with you, and you have to produce high-quality content that will rank high on Google.

Are Adult Affiliate Programs for You?

The adult industry is a billion-dollar industry. There is so much money to be made here, and it is waiting for you.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. The law is your first hurdle. Next, there is also so much competition that it is nearly impossible for you to get traffic from paid advertisements, especially as a newbie. This should not discourage you, though. If you are a good marketer, you will find ways to choose the best products and market them successfully.

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