Can an AI Writer Make Up Harry Potter Fan Fiction?

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I am sure you all know who Harry Potter is. The iconic series written by J.K. Rowling is about a wizard-in-training who joins the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, makes friends and battles enemies during his coming of age story while he struggles against the forces of evil that threaten to end his world.

But can an AI writer make up Harry Potter fan fiction? Today we find out! We used my favorite AI writing tool ShortlyAI to try to write a Harry Potter fan fiction around the subject of Quidditch. Here are the results 🙂

What AI Writer Did I Use for this Test?

I chose to use ShortlyAI because, for me, it is simply the best on the market. I have tried many AI writing tools and ShortlyAI has had by far the best output for me. When I say many, I mean this many!! Conversion.AI, Niche$$$, Writesonic, Kafkai,, GoCopy and ContentVillian.

All of these services tell you the same thing, that they can help you write unique and readable AI written content quickly. But, for me, only ShortlyAI does this consistently (trust me, I have done a lot of testing!!).

Also, ShortlyAI is the only writing tool that has the ‘write for me’ function. You simply use the built-in editor app to start writing and at any point click the ‘write for me’ button to let the AI write for you. Hopefully, this test today will show you how awesome this feature is.

The Results

This is how I set everything up. I simply opened up the ShortlyAI editing application and typed the following into the article brief section:

‘This will be a fan fiction story based around the fantasy world of Harry Potter. This story will talk about how Harry Potter turned into a professional Quidditch player.’

I then started the fan fiction by writing ‘Harry Potter had played Quidditch a few times before,’ so I am not really giving the AI much to work with, just the basic premise behind the fan fiction story (that Harry Potter turns into a pro Quidditch player).

This was the result:

‘Harry Potter had played Quidditch a few times before, but he was never a professional. Harry was tired of his past and was looking for a new way to live his life.

He found a wizard named Charlie who led the Goblins Quidditch league. Charlie decided to give it a try and in the very next game, he was the leading scorer. The team enjoyed his playing and didn’t want to lose their new star. Harry was on his way to becoming a star.

Harry started to develop a few friends, one of which was named Zab. They both played for the same team and played side-by-side. Harry’s talent on the Quidditch Pitch was ever growing and soon, he was the most successful person on his team. Harry was the top scorer, Keeper, and Captain of the field. His team was looking for a new star player to represent them and turned down all the offers for Harry to turn down playing for them. Harry was recognized as the best player in the league, and he was being paid well by the Goblins.

Harry had two daughters with Zab, named Lily and Rose. They were both excellent Quidditch players and loved the sport. They both were starting to be recruited by the best teams in the league. They were flies on the web, fast and hard to catch. Harry and Zab’s children loved playing the sport and was enjoying every minute of it.

Harry was now a player of the newly found Rollettes team. The new team was dominating the league and was at the top of there division again again. Harry’s team won the title and has won it for the last three years in a row. Harry was a star player and his name was now recognized in Wizarding World as the greatest ever.

Harry Potter was the best; he was a legend.

End of full story.’

by Shortly AI Writer

This is the raw output from clicking the ‘write for me’ button until the app told me it was the end of the story. I have done no editing of the output at all. Here is an image showing the finished story in the editor app in ShortlyAI:

The Fan Fiction Story Shortly AI Gave Me.

Am I Happy with The Results?

This fan fiction story was achieved by giving the ShortlyAI writer some basic information and half a line of text, so I am blown away with the end result. Is this going to win any awards……no! Is it a complete and done fan fiction…! But the fact that this AI was able to come up with the basic idea of a Harry Potter fan fiction story all by itself is pretty amazing to me.

There is one other famous example of someone trying to write a fan fiction using AI, and they did that by specifically training an AI first on seven of the books in the Harry Potter Series. It’s impressive that ShortlyAI can come up with something so coherent with little to no training done to the AI algorithm.

What Does Mean for You?

If you are a content creator in need of writing services, you might want to go through a few different AI writing tools. I personally used them all and finally found one that could write things like this that I want.

Is it perfect? Nope, not even close. Is it the best? At this point in time, surprisingly, it is! Of course, usually I will edit the outputs or ask the AI to regenerate if it writes anything incoherent (another awesome feature in ShortlyAI). But you get the idea!

At this point in time, the writing AI cannot write full stories or articles, but works great as an AI writing assistant. Using such a tool, the amount of writing you can do in a day increases massively!

If you want to try out Shortly AI for yourself, head over to their pricing page on their website, or sign up for a free trial where you can test out some of their writing outputs for yourself!

And If You Are Still in Doubt…..

Maybe some of you are scoffing and asking why I didn’t use another tool… well this part is for you. I am yet to find another AI Writing tool with the seamless ‘write for me’ function like in ShortlyAI, so I only had two options. I turned to Writesonic, another highly rated AI writing tool and asked it to write a full article on the topic of Harry Potter fan fiction. And for clarity, I will also ask it to write a blog intro on the topic, to see if it can be more coherent when doing shorter bursts.

The Full AI Blog Writing Tool: WriteSonic

Writesonic offers the ability to come up with a full AI written blog post, so I used the same inputs as above to get it to generate a similar Harry Potter fan fiction. This is the result.

Harry Potter Plays Quidditch

This will be a fan fiction story based around the fantasy world of Harry Potter. This story will talk about how Harry Potter turned into a professional Quidditch player.


The year is 2012. Harry Potter is the star of the wizarding world. Harry was very young when he witnessed the death of his parents. He was adopted by the Dursley’s, two distant cousins who are famous in the wizarding world. As a wizard, his life is easy and comfortable. But as a wizard with money, Harry is pressured by his relatives to follow a better financial model than the one his adoptive parents follow. But Harry has his reasons to be rich and not follow his relatives wishes. The Goblet of Fire is the fourth book of the Harry Potter series. It is a very popular book and is almost always sold out in bookstores. Harry Potter is one of the most loved characters in the wizarding world.

The Winning Team

If I end up making a million dollars doing this, it will be a complete fluke. The truth is that I probably won’t be able to actually buy a WPM, but I will definitely keep trying until I find a way. Drama Haters are going to come for me. I can’t help it. They have every right to be upset. But they are also going to be amazed.

Harry’s Decision

In this story, you will see how Harry Potter’s doubts about the magical world make him choose his real family. Harry Potter believes that the magic of the wizarding world is not needed to survive. Harry, along with his school mates, lives a life in the mortal world. But later, Harry realizes that the mortal world is not that bad and they can live a happy life in the wizarding world. What Is Hogwarts Part of And Why Can’t You Write About It? This fan fiction story will talk about how Harry discovers that the wizarding world is not a paradise. Harry Potter realises that the real world is filled with real problems. This fan fiction story will be a six part series. So, there will be three parts before the final part is released.

Thoughts From Quidditch World

Joe White Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jun 16, 2017 Real life Harry Potter series At the time of writing this article, there are 22 films of the Harry Potter series, with four films having been added in this decade. Throughout the first 7 books of the series, Harry Potter, has had many characters pass through his life, each of them progressing in their own ways. His parents have been in his life throughout the whole series, after losing his brother when he was younger, the siblings had a difficult bond. Throughout the series, we have seen characters grow up and mature. In Prisoner of Azkaban, the youngest Weasley boy, Fred Weasley, is facing a crisis of conscience regarding the dark arts.


The AI Software is not the first attempt of working on this, but this software was actually launched last year. Some newspapers reported that the application was an invention of one of the Microsoft employees in an internal company communication. However, this was not true and Microsoft has stated that they were the first to use AI in the creation of the software.


The problem here is that Writesonic doesn’t have a story writing service, so you can see that the article post tool can’t really write a story. But if we only think about how coherent the text is, you can clearly see that the Writesonic raw output requires much more tweaking than what we got from ShortlyAI. The flow is all over the place, for a start 🙂

The WriteSonic Blog Intro Tool

Using the same input as used with ShortlyAI, I got the following blog intro output from the Writesonic blog intro tool.

What if Harry Potter had followed his dreams of becoming a professional Quidditch player? What if he had taken a year off from Hogwarts to play professionally and then returned to finish his schooling? What if, in the process, he fell in love? What if he and Ginny Weasley grew up and had a family? What if, twenty years later, his son gave him a Quidditch trophy? I needed to know.


Granted, this is a bit more coherent. The problem is when you only have a blog intro tool it can be tricky to piece together these shorter paragraphs into a full-blown fan fiction story.

Hopefully, this quick comparison helps you see how on point the ShortlyAI tool is! After seeing the output above, if you are interested in Writesonic as well (I suppose it is one of the few AI writers to let you do full articles) you can check out their official page by using the button below.

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