Articoolo Review: AI Articles on Demand?

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I have been immersing myself in a lot of AI writers recently, in an effort to find the best ones for my online content business. Next on the list is Articoolo. It has a weird name; I know! However, weird names aside, I wanted to see how this AI article writer would perform against some of the other tools I have tried recently.

What is Articoolo?

Articoolo stands out amongst the other AI writers I have tried recently, as it is more focused on article writing and re-writing. This is in sharp contrast to what I see in other tools, where they are primarily focusing on short form marketing content. This is because, although GTP-3 and Open AI is amazing, it is not really designed for long form content.

Articoolo state they use a Neuro-linguistic programming engine to write their articles but don’t go into any real detail. In fact, their whole website is a bit vague and wishy-washy. For example, on their ‘About us’ page they just make vague statements like ‘We are a group of mathematicians, computer scientists, content writers and marketing experts with one vision – inventing the future of content creation.’

So frankly, I have no idea what Articoolo really is or who is behind it 🙂

How Much is Articoolo?

Articoolo has two payment models, one a subscription based and the other a pay as you go style. For the pay as you go model, you will pay at least $19 for ten articles. Bear in mind that each article will be around 300-600 words in length.

On the other hand, you can pay $29 a month to get 30 articles written for you, going up to $99 a month for 250 articles.

Does the Article AI Writer Work Well?

Now I will test the output of Articoolo’s text generating AI and compare to other tools I currently use. The heart of any AI writer is the quality of the text it generates, and is the main consideration for me when looking at these tools.

First of all, I wanted to write an article about making money with AI writers, so I entered the following text into the article creation tool ‘How to make money with AI writers. This article will talk about the different ways you can make money using an AI writer.’ I was then greeted with the following message.

To be honest, I was surprised that the input you can give for your article is this short. It is not even long enough to write out a title. You are essentially just giving them seed keywords at this point. I filled in ‘make money with AI writers’ and got another lovely message back.

I took some time to try typing in some different short phrases and shorter requested word counts, but most of this was simply rejected. I don’t know what kind of algorithm they are running here, but it clearly an old and out of date one.

After a lot of trial and error, I went for the most basic phrase I could think of ‘make money online’ and it seemed that the writing process had finally started working….

That excitement was quickly tempered as I then got another message saying that the algorithm cannot write an article on this topic.

With the article writing out of the question, I thought I would move onto the article rewriter to see if that worked any better. I hit the same barriers as with the article writer, with the constant messages saying that the article cant be written. However, when I checked the ‘my articles’ section of my account, I saw that in fact one of those article rewrites had been generated.

The original text I had put into the article re-writer was as follows:

‘Anyone who knows me understands that being outdoors with my family is one of my top priorities. When I take my kids to Europe for summer vacation, it’s a busy month spent visiting with family and friends in Norway, in addition to enjoying outdoor adventures, as I always try to explore a new destination.

This year we’re preparing for our great Northern Norway backpacking adventure by train, boat, and foot, with a stop to trek across a glacier in a Norwegian national park. Providing my kids with unique outdoor adventures from all over the world is one of my core values and I hope it creates a unique worldview for them and establishes an outdoor adventure lifestyle later in life.’

from the website

This is what I got out of the article rewriter:

‘Anybody who knows me understands that being outdoors with my family is one of my main priorities. Once I take my children to Europe for summer holiday, it is a busy month spent visiting with friends and family in Norway, along with enjoying outdoor adventures, as I always try to investigate a brand new destination.

This season we are preparing for our great Northern Norway backpacking adventure by train, boat, and foot, with a stop to trek across a glacier at a Norwegian national park. Providing my children with exceptional outdoor adventures from all around the world is one of my core values and I hope it produces an exceptional worldview for them and establishes an outdoor adventure lifestyle later in life.’

What’s the verdict? Well, this is not AI article rewriting on any sort. This is just a simple article rewrite where some of the key words are rephrased using a thesaurus. And for me the text that came out was way too similar to what went in, making it plain as day what the source material for the rewrite was. At least something finally worked, though!

Finally, I decided to try and use the title generator. First of all, I entered the URL of an article so that the AI can suggest more titles. When I did this, however, the generator worked, but I literally got nothing out of it. I then tried to enter my own title text for the generator to suggest alternatives, but was told it was too short! I mean, it’s a title not an essay 🙂

Where to Now?

Regular readers of my blog will know that usually at this point I will go into detail about all the things I like and don’t like about the tool in question. This time that would feel like a waste of time. As Articoolo is barely working, there frankly isn’t a lot to talk about. On the face of it, this tool is using a very outdated and barely functioning algorithm that shouldn’t be used by anyone! This is a tool that is stuck in the past with little use when compared with the other AI offerings right now?

Is Articoolo Abandoned?

This lead me to wonder whether this service has been abandoned. With a little digging, this would seem to be the case. First of all, the website doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate at the time of writing. This is weird for any business (or even personal blog) these days.

Add to that the fact that the last articles on the blog were written in 2015 and the copyright notice at the bottom of the site is also dated 2015, then it seems pretty clear that this service is no longer active.

It’s weird then that the site lets me create an account. If it is abandoned, then why is the site even up? Maybe they paid for a decade of web hosting in advance or something 🙂

What AI Writers Would I Recommend?

Clearly Articoolo is not fit for purpose, even the most basic ones. Therefore, if you came to this review looking for an AI writer you need to stay away from this outdated mess.

If you want to write longer form content such as articles, I would recommend a service called ShortlyAI. You can read my full review of it HERE on this very website. It works well as a writing assistant, meaning you can write faster.

If you want to write marketing style content such as Facebook ads and blog post titles, the tool I would currently recommend is WriteSonic. They are well priced and have an excellent AI writing algorithm. You can check out their service for yourself by using the button below.

I hope you manage to find an AI writer to suit your needs, once you do you won’t look back. Writing will be much faster and easier than before!

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