WriteSonic Review: AI Writing Made Easy?

Writing social media posts and video titles used to be a pain! Think about the time you spend scrolling through fonts, worrying about a typo on your post, and then figuring out what to even write in the first place. Writesonic are among some of the many new AI writers coming onto the market and …

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Content Strategy And Marketing Landscape

Content marketing and AI.

In the early days of the internet, content strategy and marketing was relatively straightforward. You’d build a website and fill it with as much content as possible. You’d produce blog posts, ebooks, webinars, and videos – anything that could be converted into an asset that could be used to attract visitors, convert leads into customers, …

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AI Writer Review: Oldy but a Goody?

AI driven content apps are all the rage right now, and AI Writer is one of the original ones to market itself as such. The app promises a simple user interface, automatic writing, and some additional features that will hopefully make it stand out from the pack (which is growing rapidly!). How do we find …

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Will AI Replace Copywriters? [HONEST TRUTH]

Will AI take over copywriting?

We all depend on copywriters to create compelling headlines, adverts, campaigns and other content that gets the attention of our audience. But what if AI could do this instead? It’s a valid question because artificial intelligence is getting better every day at producing human-like text and delivering marketable messages. It’s also a question that has …

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Copy.AI Review: Leading the AI Content Revolution?

Welcome back. I am sure that most readers of this blog are, like me, either involved in or deeply interested in content marketing. AI writing applications have been literally lighting up this sector for the past year in a crazy hype train that leaves us all wondering when the human copywriter will be phased out …

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Articoolo Review: AI Articles on Demand?

I have been immersing myself in a lot of AI writers recently, in an effort to find the best ones for my online content business. Next on the list is Articoolo. It has a weird name; I know! However, weird names aside, I wanted to see how this AI article writer would perform against some …

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Can an AI Writer Make Up Harry Potter Fan Fiction?

Can AI write a Harry Potter fan fiction?

I am sure you all know who Harry Potter is. The iconic series written by J.K. Rowling is about a wizard-in-training who joins the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, makes friends and battles enemies during his coming of age story while he struggles against the forces of evil that threaten to end his world. …

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