Best Selling AliExpress Products [THAT YOU COULD DROPSHIP]

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In dropshipping, one important factor to succeed is being able to choose the right niche and products. A niche is a category of items, or an industry focused on an area of interest. We hope to help you out today by doing the research for you and providing some of the hottest niches on Aliexpress right now!

A hot tip before we start though! A great way to spy on your competition to see how much they are selling a product for is to run the images from the Aliexpress page through a Google image search. You will be surprised how many stores are using this image too, and you can see what their pricing structure is.

Top Selling Aliexpress Niches (+related products)

Today, I will share with you the best niches that have a high demand.

These niches are:

  • Home and Garden
  • Health and Fitness
  • Toys and Hobby
  • Gifts and Relationships

Along with these niches, I will also give examples of the best-selling AliExpress products that you can sell for each niche. These are items that are marked as best-sellers in SaleHoo. Throughout this article I will refer to the Salehoo sell rate, which gives a clear indication as to how well an item is selling.

today we will look at some of the top selling items on aliexpress.

Home and Garden

Home and garden is a great niche! A lot of people in America have a garden and are interested to make it better! This is where we come in! There is also a growing group of people that want to grow their own vegetables due to health, cost or sustainability reasons. This is a great upcoming part of the niche to cover.

Here are some examples of AliExpress dropshipping products that you can choose from:

  • 12-inch Serrated Edge Digger – buy for $8-9 and sell for $29. Every gardener needs a handy dagger for cutting and digging; this is a gardening essential. This product has a 100% sell rate.
  • Portable Gas Grill – great for barbecues, you can buy this for $84-$150 and sell it on Amazon or your store for $180. The sell rate of this product is 100%. Make sure to check this product for any safety issues first though.
  • Trimmer Kit         – this is an electric device that cuts weeds and grass. The average price of a Black and Decker model (for example) is $136, so this model could have a great markup. Sell rate is 100%. Again, check this product carefully for quality, you don’t want electrical issues!
  • 45-inch fire pit liner – with an 83% sell rate, this is a great addition to the garden that you can buy for $116 and then resell for $200.

The garden is also the best place to have parties or have dinner with friends and relatives, so sell some materials that have something to do with garden decor. I have seen a lot of great dropshipping stores based on this niche.

Health and Fitness

Health will never go out of trend. And while many people say that it is a saturated niche, there really is no such thing. What you have to do is to find unique products and then use aggressive marketing to get your products off the ground.

Here are some ideas:

  • Wireless Activity Wristband – this is something that looks like a wristwatch, but it measures your heart rate, calories burned, distance covered, and many more. People who love to exercise wear this all the time. You can buy it for $38 and then sell it for $150 and up. The sell rate of this product is 94%.
  • Posture Corrector – this is a wearable device that costs less than $10. While some sell for only $27 on Amazon, you need to know that there are many types of correctors. Those that are made of carbon fiber are more expensive.
  • Portable Massage Device – powered by rechargeable batteries, this one has a 100% sell rate. The price you have to pay is $65 but you can sell it for definitely much more than that.
  • Leggings – there are hundreds of leggings you can buy from AliExpress. Most of these products range between $4 and $10 each, and then sell them for $29. Leggings used for yoga have a 100% sell rate. This has been rapidly growing in recent years.

There are thousands of products that you can choose from when selling items for health and fitness. At best, you need to niche down so as not to confuse your customers.

Toys and Hobby Related

Games have changed—many of today’s toys are no longer just for kids. They are made for adults too! Given this fact, toys and hobby items will always be a solid trend to hop on.

Here are some ideas about AliExpress best sellers for toys to get you started.

  • Electric scooters – these products have a 100% sell rate but they are also expensive. The product costs at least $800 each, but you can sell them for more than $1,000. The electric scooter looks like your ordinary one, but you no longer have to use your feet to propel yourself. Go look on Youtube, this niche is blowing up. With such a capable expenditure, make sure that you find a good quality model that won’t cause a lot of problems and returns!
  • Wagon – these items sell at a rate of 86%. These are taking over the role of the traditional wheelbarrow, allowing people to easily carry a wide variety of objects easily. They cost $198 to buy but you can sell them for more than that.
  • Drones – for this product, you have to choose your target market carefully. There are drones for kids, adults, and for professionals. The prices widely vary, but this is still one of the bestselling AliExpress products.
  • Baby toys – from LeapFrog to interactive books to toys that make music, baby toys will always be in demand. This is one of those things that parents will never pass out of buying—they will always buy things that will contribute to their baby’s development. The prices range between $20 and $50, and you can re-sell them at a higher price on your store. Baby toys are best sold in bundles.  As these are for young children, quality is key here.
  • Building blocks – this is not going to run out of demand. Parents like to buy building blocks for their kids to help improve their imagination. Just make sure you do not violate laws. For example, you must no sell Lego products if you are not a licensed distributor. Just because you see Lego on AliExpress does not mean you can resell it.

If you decide to get into this niche, you must not try to serve all people in the market. If you decide to sell adult toys, you should only sell adult toys like drones that have photography components. Never mix the sub-niches because you will look like you have no specialization, and people will not think you are credible. Only big known brands can do this!

Gifts and Relationships

Another niche that will always find itself on top is gifts. These are novelty items that people buy to express their love for others. This includes jewelry, but you are better off selling unique items.

Here are some examples:

  • Bracelets – there are thousands of bracelets for sale on AliExpress. Depending on your target market, you can sell bracelets wrapped in gold or silver, or those that are made of leather. Bracelets have a sell rate of 100%.
  • Wristwatches – there are many wristwatches in AliExpress, but the most popular ones are those that you can engrave, particularly the ones made of bamboo.  Wristwatches have a sell rate of 78%, so make sure you carefully choose products that people cannot easily find online.
  • Crafts – from paper weights to hand-crafted decors, you can find so many of these in AliExpress. They only cost $11 each, but you can sell them for as much as $29.

If you want this niche to succeed for you, you need to look for suppliers who are also willing to do engraving. This makes the items personalized, and people are going to buy your products out of emotion.

Summary: Best-Selling AliExpress Products

A niche is a critical component of your dropshipping business. It is your niche that will help you identify who your customers are. Once you know who your customers are, it’ll be easy for you to create ads and marketing materials revolving around your target buyer.

Before you make a choice, you also need to check if the product you want to sell is in Amazon best sellers. This simply acts as another research method to double check the potential popularity of the item you want to sell.

Also think about your product knowledge in a nice. Is it a complex niece to understand? Your marketing content depends on your expertise. If you chose to sell a drone in the toy niche, you have to expect inquiries from your customers about the product. If you fail to answer them, you will not make a sale.

Either choose a niche that you are passionate and knowledgeable about, or one that is easy to learn about quickly. Your passion is going to be your source of motivation, and your knowledge is going to be the sure of your action.

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