Top 5 Music Affiliate Programs [TO MAKE BANK]

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If you are interested in affiliate marketing, and your passion is music, then you have come to the right place. The good news I want to share with you is that you are not limited to promoting musical books or instruments found in Amazon.

There are many affiliate programs in the music niche that pay a lot of money. Today, I will share with you the best music affiliate programs to make bank. 

1. JamPlay

JamPlay is an online center for guitar lessons. Their services are not limited to beginners only because their lessons are designed even for those who already have expertise with the instrument. 

At the time of writing, they are offering more than 450 courses, and 6,500 lessons under their brand. The courses revolve around numerous genres, including acoustic, electric, country, etc. on the other hand, separate courses are provided for the basics and song learning.

A high-quality experience is assured due to the fact that they are blessed with world-class teachers. An overview of their profiles can be seen on their official website.

JamPlay, being a leader in the music industry, makes it a perfect opportunity for affiliates. Let’s see the details of their music affiliate program below:


  • Minimum Payout: $60/2 Sales
  • Payment Method: PayPal; Every 1st, and 16th of the month
  • Cookie Duration: 120 Days 
  • Promotional resources are provided
  • First-to-Send Policy

Commission: $40 per sale

Program Link:


  • Must be an influencer/blogger
  • For influencers: Minimum follower count of 1,000
  • For bloggers: Minimum of 50 articles; Site must be at least a year old


Big brand

JamPlay is already a big brand to start with. This means that there is a high possibility that it widely known to your audience, especially in the music field. This will make it much easier to get conversions and make sales.

High Commission

It does not matter if your customer purchased a full membership or with discount—a fixed commission price of $40 will be paid to you. This is already considered high, as some programs do not even offer half of this figure.

In addition to this, there is also a low minimum payout. 

Unfortunately, if you are just starting out in the field, you cannot join JamPlay. They have quite a high standard for their affiliates, so you may want to consider growing through other programs first.

2. Master Class

Master Class, similar to Jam Play, is also a learning platform. The difference, however, is that the former is not limited to music. Instead, it offers a wide range of classes about business, writing, arts and entertainment, sports, food, lifestyle, music, and more.

What makes their service exceptional is that the teachers in their platform are renowned experts in their specific fields. Some celebrities you can learn from are Stephen Curry in sports, Gordon Ramsay in cooking, Usher in music, James Patterson in writing, and so much more. Its not every day you can learn from such well known personalities.

Classes are available in the form of offline viewing, PDF workbooks, and are compatible with multiple devices.

Master Class tries their best to live up to being the world’s greatest. Let’s take a look at their affiliate program and see if it also lives up to their name.


  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days 
  • Promotional resources are provided
  • Monthly bonuses

Commission: 25% per sale + Monthly Bonus

Here is a table structure of the monthly bonuses:

  • $1,500 Total Sales = $100 bonus
  • $3,500 Total Sales = $150 bonus
  • $6,000 Total Sales = $200 bonus
  • $9,000 Total Sales = $250 bonus
  • $12,000 Total Sales = $300 bonus
  • $15,000 Total Sales = $350 bonus
  • $18,000 Total Sales = $400 bonus

Program Link:


  • Must not have five and above deals on the website’s homepage
  • The publisher should prioritize content over ads


Monthly bonuses

The main advantage that you will get in Master Class’ affiliate program is the monthly bonuses. As this is given to motivate the affiliate to gather as many sales as they can, this is also a good addition to your earnings.

Has a wide niche

The platform offers many subjects. This means that you don’t have to cater to one specific audience and can focus on the public.

If you are a content creator, you are welcome to join the program on whatever platform you are using. The only factor that you should look out for is the quality of your content.

3. Sam Ash

Sam Ash is a family-run retail store that sells all sorts of musical instruments. They have been in the music industry since 1924, so they have made quite a name for themselves. In fact, they are given the title of being “The World’s Favorite Music Store”.

The team behind Sam Ash are also musicians, so you can expect that they know the environment well. 

The founder, Sam, started singing in events with his own musical group. His wife, Rose, on the other hand, suggested the idea of turning Sam’s passion into a business.

Taking a rough guess, there are more than 50,000 items available in their shop. This includes musical accessories, lighting, books and DVDs, microphones, DJ equipment, and more.

The details regarding their affiliate program are as follows:


  • Minimum Payout: 50 currency units or $50 in the US
  • Payment Method: Check Payments, Direct Deposit, PayPal
  • Cookie Duration: 60 Days 

Commission: 7-10% per sale

Program Link:


  • Must have a website


Website provides live support

There is a high possibility that your prospects will buy the products. The company provides exceptional customer support. Specifically, a live chat can be used by the customers on their website.

High Commission

Most retailers do not offer high commission because of profitability issues. Sam Ash is different, however. They offer a minimum of 7% commission, some products even going as high as 10%, you are sure to earn a good amount in this program.

Their affiliate program is run by a third-party company called LinkShare. You will have to join this affiliate program with them instead of Sam Ash directly. Also, take note that if you are currently located in Arkansas, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Rhode Island, you are not allowed to sign up as an affiliate because of local tax laws.

Moreover, this is also fit for beginners, as they only require that you have a website and are interested in offering music-related products.

4. Piano For All

Piano For All is a learning center specifically for piano and other keyboard instruments. They cover genres like Ballads, Pop, Blues, and Classical pieces. Their promise is to take beginners on an easy and quick journey heading to a more experienced level as a pianist.
Their courses are formulated in easy to follow steps so they are very easyto follow at your own pace, no matter your current ability. In addition, instead of hours, you will only need to spend 20 to 30 minutes for each day’s training.
At present, they have helped more than 300,000 students from all over the world in building an expertise around piano and keyboards.
Here are the details about their affiliate program:

  • Payment Method: Check Payment, Direct Deposit; Weekly or Bi-monthly
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days
  • Promotional resources are provided

Commission: 60% per sale
Program Link:

  • Promotional Platform (Website and/or Social Networks)
  • ClickBank Account


  • Low Refund Rate

Their refund rate since 2006 has been staying around 4%. This means that you will rarely encounter disputes when it comes to your commissions. They also provide testimonials from their customers to assure you of their service’s quality.

  • High Commission Rate

Like what is stated above, they offer a fixed commission rate of 60% per sale. To be specific, they are offering two plans, costing $39, and $49. For one successful sale, you can get a minimum of $21, and a maximum of $27.
Note that the payment processes are handled by ClickBank so payouts are automated by their system.
Their affiliate program is popular in the music field, mainly because of their commission rate. This is probably one of the highest-paying programs. Let us also add their cookie duration of 90 days which will be very advantageous for the affiliate.

5. Musician’s Friend

Musician’s Friend is the largest music gear company worldwide. Their story is literally a rags-to-riches one. Its founders, Ron and DeAnna Eastman established their first physical store through borrowed money. Evidently, they have managed to reach success over time.

In total, they offer more than 85,000 products, including guitars, ukuleles, amplifiers, music sheets, stage equipment, DJ gear, and more. They also ship worldwide. They automate the prices on their website to match your currency.

They have been offering their services for over 30 years now, making them experts in the field.

They also offer an affiliate program. Below are some of the details that you need to know:


  • Cookie Duration: 14 Days 
  • Promotional resources are provided
  • Affiliate-exclusive deals can be negotiated

Commission: 4% per sale

Program Link:


Similar to the previous program, the requirements to be eligible for this is unspecified. However, you are free to apply for this as long as you have your application ready.


Musician’s Friend is known internationally

If you choose to promote the company’s products, it will be easier for you to introduce them to musically inclined people because it will be highly likely they have already heard about the brand.

Any part of the world can get their products as well. This means that you don’t have to limit your audience to the United States, alone.

There You Have It!!

There goes our list of the best music affiliate programs to make bank. Before you make a choice, I strongly encourage you to:

  • Determine your sub-niche
  • Decide who your target market really is?
  • Decide what platform to use to reach your target market

You must also visit their affiliate program pages now. Read through their terms and conditions, and see what products are offered. Alot of people will always default to Amazon for their music affiliations, but as you can see there are many great options out there apart from them. Do not limit yourself with the Amazon affiliate program, and never even think that affiliate marketing is already dead. Affiliate marketing is a thriving industry, and the best time to get started is yesterday. 

But hey, you can still get started today! 

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