How I Create Collages (as a Blogger)

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As a blogger, we are always looking for ways to improve our blog posts. One such way is through images, something that has been proven to improve engagement on posts. But rather than just sticking to bog standard image uploads, adding some image collages into the mix can add a unique flair. Today I want to share with you the two main ways I would create simple collages for my website and associated social media posts.

Times are changing in the blogging space. Back in the day we were forced to learn complex and expensive design software such as Photoshop!! Not any more! As you will see below, you can create stunning looking designs with simple to use online graphic design software instead. For me personally, I don’t have the time to learn Photoshop. This is why I have embraced these online only alternatives. They are often a lot easier and quicker to use.

Method 1: Canva

Canva has by far the widest array of options for bloggers to create collages. However, I want to let you know about one major problem that I have with Canva. It has been a victim of its own success really, as so many other bloggers have been using Canva for years now. This will mean that a lot of your Canva creations will look similar to those you see on other peoples blogs. This is the whole reason that I show a second method with a different software below!

Canva lets you create collages in two main ways.

Collages as Templates

As the name suggests, you can use the Canva template library to make your collage. When in your Canva dashboard simply type collage into the search box. This will bring a long list of template types that include collages.

As you can see, there are pretty much photo collages in Canva for anything….from wedding collages to family photo collages. All you have to do is choose the collage type that you want, find a template you like and then add your own photos.

I chose the cool photo collage type and the top right template from the selection you see below (there were about 36 templates to choose from).

When the template has loaded up, Canva makes it really simple to change the images to your own. You can either go to the photo tab to choose the images within the platform or go to the uploads tab to upload your own. Then it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping the images you want in your collage across to the position you would like.

The only problem you may have is when an image is not positioned well inside the box. If this happens, simply click on the image and go to the crop option at the top of the page. The image is then shown in its entirety and you can freely drag it around the collage to a position you prefer.

When you are done, you can click the download button on the top right-hand side of the page and download the image. Just be aware that you will have slightly limited download options with a free Canva account. Then it is simply a matter of uploading it to your blog.

Collages within Templates

The above method is using a collage template at the very start. But there are times when you might already have a design that you want to add a collage to. In Canva, this is very easy to do.

Any time you are working on a design in Canva you can go to the elements tab and scroll down a little to find the grid element. There are many grids that can be dragged into your design and used as a collage. You then add your own images to the grid using the drag-and-drop method described above. Easy!

If you want to make collages using Canva, you can check the tool out HERE.

Method 2: Pixteller

As stated above, I have started to move away from Canva myself due to the fact that my designs end up looking the same as everyone else’s! I have been using a tool called Pixteller to make some of my collages recently and am absolutely loving it as an alternative.

The main way you make collages in Pixteller is through the templates. If you type the word collage into the search function on your dashboard, it will bring up a whole host of collage related designs. I was shocked to see there were five pages of the things, so this is a pretty amazing selection frankly.

The cool thing here is that when you choose a design, it will then take you to a screen where you can choose the size you would like for the design. This means you can easily make a collage for a wide variety of uses.

Then it is simply a matter of selecting one of the images from the collage and choosing the option on the left menu ‘replace image’. A lot of images will pop up and you can click the plus symbol on the one you would like to add. There is also an upload tab to upload and use your own images.

When positioning an image inside a collage template in Pixteller you use the clipping position option in the left menu with the image selected.

Then you will just need to download the image in a similar way to what we did on Canva above and upload it to your blog. Again, you will be slightly limited here with a free account.

If you are interested in using Pixteller for your blog collages, you can check the tool out yourself HERE.

Collage Away!

There you have it. These are the main ways that I choose to make collages for my blog posts. Alongside infographics, collages are an important aspect to my blogging process.

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