How to Monetize a Wordpress Blog! [BLOGGING 101]

how to monetize a blog

Blogging used to be something people just did for fun. I can vividly remember when I was young starting one on the Blogger platform just to tell people what I was up to! More recently, people have worked out that running a blog can actually earn you money. Many people now use blog income as …

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My Wordpress Host Picks [FOR EVERY NEED]

My top picks for Wordpress hosts.

Wordpress is by far the best platform for any aspiring blogger. It gives you full ownership of your blog and can be customized to exactly meet your blogging needs. The only issue is that you need to find the hosting for your website/ blog yourself. In this article I want to give you my top …

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How To Start Your First Blog [STEP-BY-STEP]

how to start your first blog

So you want to start a blog but you don’t know how. Not to worry, this simple article will walk you through a step-by-step process to get everything set up. Why should you listen to me? Well, I have setup over a dozen successful blogs using this exact same process. Anyway time is money, let’s …

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Top 3 Editing Apps for the Busy Blogger!!

What is the secret to becoming a successful blogger? Well, there is no one secret, of course. However, if there were one thing that every blogger could use more of, it would be time. That’s why so many bloggers are turning to mobile editing apps to help them take control of the images in their …

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How I Create Collages (as a Blogger)

As a blogger, we are always looking for ways to improve our blog posts. One such way is through images, something that has been proven to improve engagement on posts. But rather than just sticking to bog standard image uploads, adding some image collages into the mix can add a unique flair. Today I want …

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