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Welcome back to yet another review of an AI writing platform (they really are multiplying like spring chickens right now). This time we will be looking at the platform, which is an automated content writing service in a similar vein to Writesonic and Copy.AI! It sounds like an amazing idea, right? Why write yourself when you can let a robot do all the work for you? Well thats all fine and dandy if the writing is good 🙂 Let’s find out if can deliver!

Before we get stuck in, I want to say that for the rest of this review I am going to refer to as simply ContentBot, just to make our lives a little simpler over here.

What is ContentBot?

ContentBot is an AI based content writing platform, with a difference – it doesn’t just write your content for you. ContentBot is a fully automated content creation service where users simply enter key data in order to create their own unique piece of content. There are a range of templates available – including social media post templates, article templates, listicle templates, etc etc. This is pretty much standard fair for most AI content writers out there.

ContentBot has recently added the ability to write full articles with their service, and alongside this added a text editor tool to finish up any generated content. This comes with an auto-complete button too, so the AI will finish off any sentence you start writing in the editor.

Although this writer mostly uses GTP-3 from OpenAI (like everyone else) but for some of their generations they are using their own AI (called Tiny Seed AI) which is run on an alternative AI platform. Interesting!

Finally, a unique feature that ContentBot has if that you can automate the generation of some content types and have this text emailed to you. Not an idea you hear every day from other AI platforms.

How Much is ContentBot?

At the time of writing ContentBot is available for as little as $29 a month for unlimited credits and access to most of the tools. To get a bigger monthly quota of blog posts you can generate and a ‘paraphrase rewriter’ you will pay $79 a month. This rewriter allows you to rephrase entire articles (a bit like a content spinner). I like the fact that ContentBot offers an endless free account rather than the timed 3 or 7 day trial of most of their competition.

How is ContentBot’s Content Ouptut?

As always, my number one concern with these tools is the quality of the content. Today I want to test Contentbot’s content output against my current two favorite AI writing tools (ShortlyAI and Writesonic).

I will ask all these AI writers to write me a blog intro paragraph about an article about ‘How to rank page one on Google?’. Longer form content such as a full paragraph is much harder than the shorter form blog titles and such like. This is why I chose the intro paragraph tool.

Please Note: I will include a screenshot of the actual output from the application, so you know I am not doing anything under hand. I will also write it out for you in case it is hard for you to read the text on the image.

This is what I got out of ContentBot:

How do you rank on page one of Google? The Google algorithm is a complex code that uses over 200 different factors to determine how your site ranks in search. However, few people understand this and are unable to do anything about it. The Google algorithm is a complex code that uses over 200 different factors to determine how your site ranks in search. However, few people understand this and are unable to do anything about it. Here are four things you can do to boost your rank in search: – Use Google tools like Search Console, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, and Adwords – Use Schema markup on your site so that Google can read your content and rank you better. – Be mindful

This is what I got out of WriteSonic:

The internet is a vast place with millions of pages, so how do you make sure your website is the one people see? There are a number of ways to rank higher in Google, but many of them are difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are some simple tactics you can use to rank on page one of Google in just a couple of hours. If you want to rank on page one of Google, use these simple and effective tactics.

This is what I got out of ShortlyAI:

Do you ever look at your ranking on Google? How do you feel when your page ranks number one on Google? It can be a great feeling when you see that page from your own site ranking at the top of the search results. But on occasion, we might have seen people who are experiencing having their pages rank for a particular keyword and then they will drop down to number five or even below.

Most of us would want to know why this happened and what were the best methods that can be done in order to avoid this happening in the future. The article is going to bring up a few ideas about how your rankings could have gone down and methods that could be used in order for it not happen again

For me, ContentBot did output a lot of content, but in my opinion it is not as well focused or formulated as the other two tools. If you read its output carefully, it actually output the exact same short paragraph twice. This is a cardinal sin for any AI writing service, as we want to spend as little time as possible editing (On a side note, ShortlyAI totally knocked this test out of the park, right!! This is why I love it so much!!).

I did find ContentBot more on point for shorter form content, but found anything vaguely longer form sadly lacking.

What I Like about ContentBot

Slick User Interface

I have used a lot of competing AI writing services, and I have to say I really like the sleek and simple look of the ContentBot user interface. It gives the tool a more premium feel, which I am a big fan of.

Not Just Copy Paste

Many AI writing platforms are coming out and seem to be simply copying the other big players in the game. I don’t get this feeling from ContentBot. They have some unique features (such as the automation feature) which give me the feeling they are trying to break out on their own. Also, the fact they are using other AI alongside the GTP-3 that pretty much everyone else is using is refreshing. TinySeedAI hasn’t exactly blown me away with the content output yet, but it is good to see them trying something different.

The idea to put a text editor with the option to autocomplete sentences and act like a writing assistant is a great idea too, that only a few others are trying. They just need to make it so the autocomplete amount can be tweaked, as write now it only writes a few words.

Good Value

As regular readers of this blog you may know that I hate AI writing services that limit your output by credits. In this new Wild West of AI writing there are going to be a lot of duff generations that you need to repeat. Thankfully, you have no worries here as ContentBot has unlimited credits on all plans.

The only part that is limited is the blog post writing, which I totally understand for two reasons. This is the most intensive process for their servers so they need to limit it to make sure they are still economically viable as a service. Also, as a company committed to the responsible use of AI, having unlimited article generations might encourage spamming.

Good Range of Content Templates

Unlike some platforms such as Conversion.AI, they are not trying to kill us with the most content templates ever. Instead they have chosen a good selection of just over 30 templates. I like this, as with too many templates I start to feel a bit overwhelmed and struggle to choose the correct one at times.

The templates they do have include some interesting selections as well, such as the ‘pitch yourself’ one to help you come up with a product sales pitch. Or the ‘slogan generator’ template to help you get slogan ideas for your business or organisation.

What I Don’t Like about ContentBot

Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

I really like the direction of ContentBot and I think it has a lot of potential in a relatively new market such as AI content writing. However, I found that the text generated (especially from their non GTP-3 options) can be sorely lacking at times, leading me to have to regenerate content much more than on other services. However, they are heading in the right direction and I expect them to correct this over time.

Weird Pricing

I find it rather strange that there is such a large gap between the pricing tiers. $29 to $79 is quite a jump! I think they need a mid tier option. The price is still competitive, I just think they need to tweak the tiers so they make more sense from a consumers point of view. I also find it strange that ContentBot doesn’t offer a discount for paying for an annual subscription, something a lot of the competition are doing.

Should You Subscribe to ContentBot?

At the time of writing I wouldn’t recommend ContentBot simply on the quality of its output. I admire that they are using their own AI on top of the other popular options, but right now the text generation is patchy.

However, when they sort this out I am convinced they will have an excellent product as a lot of other things are in place. Just look at the competitive pricing and user interface for a start. The editor style mode for articles (with autocomplete sentences along the lines of ShortlyAI) could be a real winner if they flesh it out. Needless to say, I will keep an eye on ContentBot and update the article when the situation improves.

What AI Writer Should I Use Then?

If you are looking for short form content and the content template style AI writer, then Writesonic is the best option so far (and they have blog post generation too). If you want to write long form content, I would go for ShortlyAI. An excellent AI writing assistant that helps you write long form a lot faster. Use the buttons below to check these services out for yourself.

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