Conversion.AI Review: Is the Hype Justified?

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I have been delving into various AI writing tools recently, and one of them has been Conversion.AI! I’ve been playing around with this for a few weeks now, and I feel that I am ready to let you in on my feelings about it. If you want a full and honest review of Conversion.AI please read on!

What is Conversion.AI?

Conversion.AI is an AI tool that uses GTP-3 and open source neural networks to improve and generate text, mostly for business and marketing purposes. They even have a cute name for their AI ‘robot’ – Jarvis. This Jarvis AI can be at your service 24/7 (as long as your plan allows) to make the job of writing quicker and easier. This is an entirely web based app (as most new tools seem to be these days).

Who is Behind Conversion.AI?

Conversion.AI is one of the newer AI writing tools on the market, as it was started in 2020. They are based out of Austin, Texas. The tool was co-founded by Dave Rogenmoser and Chris Hull, who are both essentially products of the Y-Combinator startup mill. First, they Co-founded a social proof conversion tool called ‘Proof’ and now they are doing the same with Conversion.AI. They are already looking like serial entrepreneurs! Way to go guys 🙂

What are the Main Features of Conversion.AI?

As I said above, the tools’ main focus is to provide short and sharp marketing content for your business. When I say marketing content, I mean things such as product descriptions, Facebook ad copy and YouTube titles (to name just a few). In fact, at the time of writing, I noted 39 different types of content models that can be used to generate content in the Conversion.AI platform.

More recently, Conversion.AI have come out with the ability to write long form content such as blog posts and long form sales letters, although this is clearly not the main focus of the platform.

How Much is Conversion.AI?

There has been a lot of hype around this tool recently, mainly due to the fact that they came out with a $99 unlimited plan and made it sound all scarce! (which it was, in fact!) At the time of writing they only have one plan available which costs $29 a month and gets you access to 20000 AI generated words a month.

As with a lot of AI writing tools, they are clearly marking this as early bird pricing, so expect the price to increase at some point in the not too distant future 🙂

Note that this $29 a month tool doesn’t come with the long form content mentioned in the introduction. The now long gone $99 a month plan was the only one to have access to that right now, although this should also change soon, I imagine.

What I like about Conversion.AI


Conversion.AI are not just copy pasting their AI writer here, they are clearly trying to come up with their own original concepts. For example, you can ask the AI to write in the tone of voice of a famous celebrity or your favorite superhero. Some might call it a gimmick, but I call it innovation. I want to see more of this as the tool develops, as too many people in this space are just copying each other!!

Lots of Shortcuts for Marketers

Clearly the main focus for Conversion.AI is its marketing material creation. If you spend a lot of your waking hours writing marketing copy, you may find that the content templates on offer will suit you perfectly.

Slick User Interface

I have to say that the Conversion.AI interface is one of the slickest I have seen on any AI writing tool (and believe me, I have tried a lot). Everything is easy to find and use, and its sleek look gives it the feel of a premium tool (in my humble opinion anyway).

Great Onboarding and Tutorials

This is one of the most complete set of tutorials and community resources I have ever seen on an AI writing tool. This market just exploded recently with the introduction of GTP-3, so a lot of the competition barely have basic text tutorials up. Not so with Conversion.AI.

Added to this. they have a Conversion.AI Academy that houses a whole host of training videos on different AI writing related issues. They also a fully detailed knowledge base section on their site, with walkthrough and tutorials for every aspect of the tool. Finally, they have a Facebook community where you can all get together to talk everything Conversion.AI. I am surprised how fleshed out they are as a service at such an early stage.

What I Don’t Like about Conversion.AI

Output Not Good Enough

Conversion.AI come across as a sleek and impressive company, but ironically they fall down when it comes to the actual AI writing models and output. I have tried most of the other AI writing tools out there right now, and Conversion.AI is mid ranking at best for me.

Take this example of asking it to generate blog title ideas. This is something pretty simple, but Conversion.AI wasn’t able to come up with anything compelling. I had asked for blog post titles around the subject of making money with AI writing tools (rather apt, I know!!).

As you see above, one of the outputs was not even related to making money with AI (or even AI) in the slightest. The titles are also very basic in nature, not something that would really stand out in today’s highly competitive online world.

Compare this to the output I got from another similar tool, WriteSonic. This tool came up with more ideas and faster than Conversion.AI, and with much less input from me. You can see them below. Don’t get me wrong, they would still need sprucing up from a human, but the output you see below is much more varied and interesting to me!

The Text Limits

I hate the idea of hard and fast text limits in any AI writing tool right now. As you can see from the output above, Conversion.AI isn’t exactly able to set the world alight with its content on the first try. This means you will need to keep generating new content until you get something you like, which will in turn eat up your limited text quota quickly. This is a new technology, it needs more room to breathe and more opportunities for its early adopters to ‘play’ with the generation process.

Not Good For Long Form Content

The nature of GTP-3 and Open AI (that most of these tools are based on) means that long form content is a hard thing to do well right now. Not least because it goes against the ethos of what OpenAI is trying to achieve. They hate the idea of people spamming the internet with AI generated full articles.

What this means is that the AI writing tools that have come out with long form content plans are essentially piecing together lots of smaller blurbs into one longer content output. This is far from ideal, and my experience with Conversion.AI has not helped any.

They call it the ‘long form assistant’ and it will ask you to first explain what you want to write about. From there you can generate the post title and the intro paragraphs. The problem is, as you saw above the Conversion.AI outputs are patchy at best, meaning you will have to sort through a lot of rubbish to get to the good stuff.

When you are happy with all of this and click complete, the app will take you to the start of your new content in a text editor. With this text editor, they are mimicking what I have seen in another highly rated AI writer ShortlyAI. The problem is, this version is way more clunky. You click to ask the app to generate content, and then it forces you to edit that generated text before you can move on. First of all, I don’t like being forced to edit (maybe they know how bad their generated content is! lol). Also, it is not straightforward and easy to regenerate a section if you don’t like what was just generated.

It’s a good first try, but I find it clunky and annoying. If you like this type of wizard style long form content generator, I much prefer how WriteSonic does it personally!

The Content Model Structure

A lot of AI writing tools are so focused on spewing out as many different content types as they can, which leads to the whole process of using their tools getting slowed down and even confusing. When I am faced with over 30 different content types in Conversion.AI, for example, it takes more time to find what I want (or even decide which text model to use!).

I feel like the AI writing tool arms race is all wrong! It shouldn’t be all about who can create the most content models, but who can create the highest quality. I would go for quality over quantity here any day.

A Lot of Input Needed

With Conversion.AI I feel like you need to spend way too long giving inputs to the AI and still end up with low quality content coming out. For the blog title generation test above, this is what I had to input into the tool….

Whereas in WriteSonic I simply typed in the key phrase “making money with AI writing tools’ and got a much better set of results! I understand that some input from the user will help get better results, but I don’t think it should be this much (especially when it seems to have little effect on output).

Should You Subscribe to Conversion.AI?

If you can’t tell already, this is going to be a no from me. The team at Conversion.AI are all flashy and promise so much, but the proof is in the pudding. The mainstay of any AI writing tool is surely the text it generates, and this tool simply isn’t good enough. It seems a lot of people bought into the hype created around this tool without testing it first against other competitors. I use a suite of AI writing tools and Conversion.AI is inferior to a lot of them. If you don’t believe me, go test the other tools yourself. Most of them have free trials for you to do this very thing!

If you want an AI writing tool, what would I recommend? If you are doing long form content, I much prefer the approach that ShortlyAI takes to it. They act more like a writing assistant than a tool that generates everything for you to edit. This works much better with the current state of GTP-3. If you are mainly doing marketing copy, then I would recommend WriteSonic over Conversion.AI any day. Although it operates in a similar way, the content you get out of it is much better and requires less editing.

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