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Dropshipping has become an increasingly popular business model over recent years. In fact, Grand View Research noted that the global dropshipping market was valued at USD 102.2 billion in 2018. A lot of entrepreneurs are looking at dropshipping as the gold rush of our time.

Look at the rise of Shopify, one of the most popular store builders for dropshippers. In 2019 it had a revenue of over 1.5 billion US dollars! This is now a listed company and the stock chart below shows what a crazy rise Shopify has had.

This is all well and good, but this increase in popularity means that there are new dropshipping stores started every day. This means that it is getting harder and harder to find unique products for your dropshipping store.

How are you supposed to find unique products in a sea of competition? This is where dropshipping sourcing services have stepped in. These services will sort through hundreds of products for you to find those ‘gems’ that could help you jumpstart your dropshipping career. There are already some big players in this market, such as Oberlo and Spocket. Today I am reviewing one of the new dropshipping sourcing tools on the block….Dropship Rabbit!

What Does Dropship Rabbit Offer?

Dropship Rabbit makes some bold claims on their website, such as the fact that they have over 97 million products on their service, with this being refined into a winning list of over 1500 trending dropshipping products. Dropship Rabbit add at least two new winning products to this list every day.

Dropship Rabbit also compiles some lists for its users, including last weeks best seller, todays best seller and just launched best selling products.

Each product that Dropship Rabbit recommends comes with a detailed writeup and accompanying resources. This means it is pretty simple for you to quickly add a product to your store and even promote it with the ideas given.

Just take this levitating plantpot example below…

Dropship Rabbit shows you the product, the wholesale cost and potential selling price. They even give you a detailed description of the product, along with accompanying images. The thing that I love is the fact they even give you links to stores that are currently selling this product, to show you real proof of how viable this product is.

As you can see below, Dropship Rabbit also gives you insight into the audience you would need to target to sell this product, perfect if you plan to setup paid adverts to sell the product on your store.

And there’s more! They give you viral videos and actual ad copy, as well as examples of Facebook ads for the product in question. Just make sure to check your membership tier carefully, as a few of these items are locked behind the highest tier.

Just look at the Facebook ad example for the levitating plant pot below! It is a real advert with over 100 comments (a lot of which are positive). This not only shows you how to market a product, it is gets you excited to see the possible reach a product may have.

As you can see, Dropship Rabbit really do give you everything any dropshipper might need to set up a successful product in their store. It really makes the process of starting dropshipping much easier than when I first tried it years ago!

On top of offering product sourcing information, they also offer a couple of courses to help dropshippers get the most out of their Facebook adverts.

How Much Does Dropship Rabbit Cost?

Dropship Rabbit has a simple pricing structure, with two tiers. These are the standard and premium tiers, costing $14.99 and $19.99 a month respectively. The premium tier will just add the viral video for you marketing efforts and a more advanced course on Facebooks ads for dropshippers.

What Do We Like about Dropship Rabbit?

Selection and Quality of Products

I have been really impressed by the range and quality of the products you can find on Dropship Rabbit. A lot of the products they offer have that unique viral feeling to them. As with the levitating plant pot above, they are the kind of products that could wow potential customers and lead to more sales.

If you want a feeling of the products in their catalogue without subscribing, you can browse the niches sections of their website. It will give you a real feel of the products you could get access to. Although you don’t get detailed information here, it is great that they show the potential profit margins even to non-subscribers.

Just by viewing the handful of products in the image above, you can already see that the people behind this service really know how to source great products for dropshipping. Take the mini wood cutting chainsaw, for example. I can imagine this selling great when marketed well to gardeners, who most probably have never seen such a unique product!


For this type of dropshipping product sourcing service, I would usually expect to pay much more than the $15-20 a month you would pay with Dropship Rabbit.

Spocket, for example, costs $20 for the most basic plan….up to as much as $300 a month. Oberlo is also $30 for the most basic monthly subscription! This makes Dropship Rabbit an excellent entry level service for those just wanting to get into dropshipping without spending ‘the earth’ on sourcing services.

With such a low price, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dropship Rabbit increased their prices soon, especially as they are starting to get more popular. So if you are interested in them, now is as good a time as any to start!

Customer Service

Go look at their Facebook reviews on their official Facebook page, there are many that talk about how excellent dropship rabbits customer service is. This is good to see for such a new business (at the time of writing). You can see a couple of examples below.

Highly Rated

Their Facebook review page is not only a good indicator of the quality of Dropship Rabbits customer service, but also how much their current customers like the service.

At the time of writing, they have an amazingly high 4.8 out of 5 review rating on their Facebook page. Most of the negative reviews seems to be only about technical problems with the platform. Below are a couple of examples of positive reviews from their customers…

Active Service

As this is such a new dropshipping sourcing service, some may feel skeptical to sign up (maybe thinking it’s a scam or something!). What makes me think otherwise is the fact that Dropship Rabbit is such an active service on their social media channels.

Take their Youtube channel as an example. Every few days they put up a new video showing off some of the latest products they have sourced (and this has been going on for 7 months now!). This shows me the consistent quality of products they are able to source, as well as the fact that this service is alive and well. I have seen other services that lie dormant but still accept new sign ups, but you have no such thing to worry about here.

What Don’t We Like about Dropship Rabbit?

Low Rent Feel

It’s a shame that Dropship Rabbit has such a low rent feel to it. The website design is pretty basic and doesn’t exactly help people feel confident in such a new service. Their site is also littered with spelling errors and grammatical errors. I get it, the founders aren’t native English speakers, but they need to hire someone to help them here if they want people to respect their service!

The platform itself, although it has a lot of excellent products, doesn’t have the best search and filtering options. This means it can be hard to sort through the masses of products to find the things you want for your store. If you get stuck, I would recommend contacting support first, as they know their products like the back of their hand and can offer advice if the search functions fail you.

Aliexpress Only

From what I can see, Dropship Rabbit only offers Aliexpress products at the time of writing. It would be great if they could diversify this in the future, to give us options. Don’t get me wrong, Aliexpress still works for dropshipping (as long as you warn your customers about the long shipping times!).

Should You Join Dropship Rabbit?

Now is the moment of truth, should you sign up to Dropship Rabbit? I would have to say yes, for these reasons! Dropship Rabbit offers an excellent entry level service for those wanting a dropship sourcing service. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to join, unlike some of the other services that are popular.

With those other mass market products, such as Oberlo and Spocket, so many people are using them and probably marketing similar products. With such a niche and new service such as Dropship Rabbit, you are more likely to find unique products that your competitors haven’t uncovered yet!

Yes, Dropship Rabbit is a bit rough around the edges for a sourcing service. But as they mature, I would expect them to improve and make what they offer a bit more honed. But for the price they charge, you will struggle to find a service that can help you source so many high-quality products in the way that this service does.

If you want to check out the Dropship Rabbit service yourself, you can click HERE to look at their official website.

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