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Welcome back to Make Money Bro, the place where you can learn all about top hustles. Recently, we have been looking at drop shipping, something that has become incredibly popular in recent years. An essential part of any drop shipping business is the ability to make video ads that sell. Without this, your business will probably struggle to even break even!

What are the best ads for Dropshipping?

This is a subjective thing, but for me the best ads are video ads that show the product in action. This is the best way to show potential buyers the benefits of using your products, and using a video will help you stand out from all the image ads most other people use.

The great thing is there are now a wide selection of advertising platforms available online that accept video ads. Even Pinterest has now introduced the ability to use them!

The other important thing is to have real people in the video demonstrating your product and what it can offer potential customers. There is nothing else more powerful than this. Your potential customers can actually visualise themselves using your product!

How to create these video ads?

You may be thinking that these type of video ads are expensive and hard to make! That may have been the case a decade or so ago, but in this day and age pretty much anyone can whip up a decent video ad for an acceptable budget.

First, find your model!

The first step you need to make in your video ad creation journey is finding someone to be in your video ad and demo the product well.

The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to ask your family and friends first. For example, if you are selling a dog related product go and approach some of your friends that are dog lovers (we all have at least a few!). They will more than likely be happy to create a short video for next to nothing.

A word of warning though. If you don’t have the camera or camera skills to make a high quality video of the product in use, don’t do this yourself. A low quality video will actually deter people from buying your product, so you must do this to a good standard. Otherwise, better ask someone who can.

If for some reason you don’t have anyone suitable within your circle of friends and family, the next best thing is Fiverr, a website especially dedicated to finding freelancers.

You can find pretty much anything on Fiverr these days, and there are an increasing amount of models you can choose from. Every possible budget is provided for here, but remember that you will get what you pay for. I wouldn’t recommend you go for the cheapest provider, as you probably won’t end up with a quality looking end result.

Go create an account on Fiverr and go searching. I was able to find a good selection within minutes of searching.

you can find models for your ads on fiverr.

What I usually do is search individually for ‘product demo’ and ‘model’ and find someone that is willing to do a product demo for a reasonable price. I typically go for a middle to low price offering. As with anything you buy online, only use someone with a good number of 5 star reviews. This is how you will avoid wasting time on rubbish! Trust me, there is a lot of it on Fiverr if you are not careful!!

When you find some sellers on Fiverr that you think are suitable, simply send them a link to the product you want them to work with, along with a short description of what you want them to show in their video.

When you start getting some prices back, you can then begin ironing out the finer details and obtaining a final price.

In most cases, you would expect to pay around $30-70 for a good quality video demonstrating your product.

When everything is agreed upon and the right seller is chosen, simply order the product and send it over to them.

And I know what some of you are thinking right now! What, I need to send them the product. What a waste of money! Bear in mind two things. Firstly, an authentic video with a real person using the real product is by far the best material you can have for a video ad. Secondly, if you had such an ad created professionally it would be costing you in the hundreds of dollars realm 🙂 Trust me, it’s worth it!

Most good Fiverr sellers will have your video completed in around 3-7 days.

Click HERE to go take a look at Fiverr for yourself.

Make the Actual Video Ad!

Hopefully you now have a good raw video file of your product being used by real people. Now, it is simply a matter of turning this into a fully fledged video ad.

These days, it is really simple to do this with any one of the online video editing tools on the market.

For me, I will be using InVideo. I find it to be the best video editor for making video ads in literally a few minutes. They include everything you could need, including audio tracks to accompany your ad. And the whole thing is super simple!

And don’t worry if you have a different video editor you want to use. These days, most online video editing tools are very similar to operate. This tutorial should still be valid for most of them.

Before we start, I want to say that this won’t be a full tutorial on how to make the copy and design for a high converting video ad. This is purely showing you the process you need to get there. I recommend you go read up on the art of good copy yourself 🙂

To give you an example for an ad, I will use a simple stock video I found online of a woman using a mini trampoline. Expect your videos to be of much higher quality! This is purely to show you how easy the process is for making these video ads.

The first step was to go to ‘create project’ in the Invideo software. This will take you to the templates on offer. At the time of writing they had a whopping 531 video ad templates available. Again, this is why I use Invideo 🙂

the video editor i am using has many excellent video ad templates.

It’s important that you choose the dimensions and length of template suitable for the platform you want to advertise on. Youtube would be a horizontal template for example, and can be pretty much any length. Snapchat would be vertical and with a ten second limit on length. Make sure you fully understand the requirements of the platform you intend to use.

After choosing a suitable video ad template, you simply upload your video file to the uploads tab within the editor. Note it only allows video up to 800MB in size.

Most Invideo templates include three scenes with three different videos in each scene. I usually drag my product video to the middle scene. Bear in mind this example is a Youtube style ad, if you are using a shorter ad format multiple scenes might not be possible.

This is invideo, the video editor i will be using.

You can easily see the three scenes on the video timeline at the bottom of the Invideo editor (as seen above). Drag your product video from the uploads tab to the middle scene and choose the replace option. I usually choose the option to import the full video and adjust the length later if needed.

I then need to source two more short videos to sandwich the product video and make a cool looking ad. If you don’t want to pay big bucks for stock videos, I recommend a free tool called Mixkit.

Mixkit is an excellent source of free stock videos for your drop shipping ads.

This product is about exercise, so I wanted my ad to revolve around the idea of needing exercise. I decided to go down the route of a woman needing a bikini body, so I downloaded two videos of women wearing bikinis and added one to each end of the project.

You simply download the videos you find on Mixkit and upload them to Invideo as you did before. Drag one to the first scene and one to the last.

want a bikini body?
lady excercising on a small trampoline.
woman floating in a bikini

I then changed the text overlays already on the template to something more appropriate. You can see stills of the three finished scenes above. The first video scene was too long so I clicked on it and found the edit video option on the right hand side of the editing screen.

After clicking on the trim video option it was simple for me to shorten the length of this video and scene.

Invideo makes it easy for you to make a great video advert!

And Voila, my video ad is created, with music and everything! Of course, this is the bare minimum that Invideo offers. I would highly recommend you spend some time reading the software tutorials and playing around with the functions to help you get the best end result you can.

In fact, I recommend you practise by making a few fictional ads first with random stock videos before you get down to the nitty gritty and make an actual ad you will use for your drop shipping store.

If you are interested in using InVideo too, you can go take a look at their website HERE.

But this is too expensive!

If you are so strapped for cash you can’t afford this method you can make something close to a video ad using images. And images are much cheaper to buy from Fivver than videos. Most modern video editing tools will let you create slideshow type videos using images. You could use some animated panning and zooming functions in the editor to liven up image based videos.

If you have some photo editing skills, you could even cut out a product image from the manufacturer or supplier of your product and paste it onto a relevant picture. This would give the impression this person is using your product. Although you must ask for permission from the person featured in the image or buy the image from a stock photo provider whose licence covers this usage.

And these ads won’t be as powerful as using a proper video based ad. For me, the extra investment is worth it.

Your first video ad is done!!

There you have it, your first video ad you can use to advertise a product on your drop shipping store. Like I said at the start, it is so easy these days to create video ads on a much tighter budget. And it’s not hard to make them look great with video editing tools like the one I showed you today.

If you have your own suggestions or design tips for video ads related to drop shipping, we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below.

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