How to find trending products to drop ship [SECRET METHOD]

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Welcome back to Make Money Bro! Today, we are going to help you come up with a way to find trending and viral products to dropship. Dropshipping has become very popular in recent years, but finding top products to sell can be tough. Hopefully, the method we show you today will help you out. We don’t just want to follow the rest of the ‘drop shipping herd’ after all 🙂

How do people currently find products

Have you noticed the rise in articles or listicles telling you the ‘top 10 products to sell’? They are becoming popular and it seems a lot of people are using these to source products. Search for similar things on Youtube and you will find the exact same thing.

these are some ways to find trending products for dropshipping.

What’s the problem with this method? Well, thousands of other people are probably viewing the same content as you and becoming your dropshipping competition!! Not good!!

The key to dropshipping success is to find unique products that are in demand (but not totally saturated). 

How do we find viral products to dropship?

If you follow our method, you will find out one key way to discover products that a lot of other people won’t have any idea about. These will be the latest trending products, usually with little to no saturation.

The power of Pinterest

For this research method, you will need access to Pinterest. This can be through a phone or directly through the Pinterest website on a computer or laptop. Simply get access and create a free account, preferably a fresh account.

There are already some big dropshipping stores on Pinterest, trying to do the exact same as you. We want to look at some of the biggest ones to get inspiration for our own business.

Go and find the following Pinterest accounts and follow them.



Hygo Shop


Oddity Mall

Inspire Uplift

Oh My Dealz


When you follow these massive dropshipping stores, you are effectively getting access to all of their latest viral products! When you view your Pinterest feed, these stores pins will show up and give you an insight into what they are selling. Simple as that, research on the go!

And if you don’t believe me, go look at Oddity Mall! They have 9.2 million unique visitors on Pinterest at the time of writing! Yes, you read that right! 9.2 Million. Go view the others in the list and you will see what I mean. And these are just regular Shopify stores like the ones you and I are running too.

How to do your Pinterest research?

Now that you have found and followed some key dropshipping players on your Pinterest account, what next?

Simply go look at your feed. If possible, I would do this on a fresh Pinterest account so that you mostly only see pins from these stores you have followed at the start.

When you see a pin from one of these stores above, click on it and go have a look at the product they are selling.

I am going to use Warmly (otherwise known as Warmly Decor) as an example. I managed to find this particular pin from them about planter lights. Yes, you’ve guessed it, people can actually have plants hanging out of their lights now!

these planter lights were found on pinterest.

First of all I admired the amazing video pin that Warmly use (shame you can’t see it here). The key here is, you are not only getting product ideas but marketing ideas too! Although don’t directly copy them! This is for inspiration purposes only 🙂

After I clicked through to their website, I see they are selling these hanging planter lights for $88 a piece. I know this is just a regular Shopify store, as they have the Shopify secure logo on their product page.

The planter lights in the Warmly Store.

A quick search on Aliexpress brings up the exact same product for around $40 at the time of writing. I can see straight away that the cool video ad on Pinterest was simply made using an image from Aliexpress. It’s funny how fast you see these apparent big e-commerce stores are no different from any other wannabe drop shipper. They just know what to sell.

i found the exact same lights on aliexpress.

When you have found the Aliexpress listing, I would use this a gauge of the popularity of that particular product. The first listing I found only had 11 orders, so it doesn’t seem that popular so far! Aliexpress will always give you additional recommended sellers that are selling the same item, but I couldn’t find any with big orders. Only single digit order numbers as far as the eye could see.

However, I wouldn’t give up on this particular product yet, as this might just be an Aliexpress thing. Next, I turned to Google trends and searched for the term ‘plant chandelier’. To my surprise, it showed up as being a pretty decent trend over the past year, with a big projected spike coming up.

plant chandeliers were a decent trend on google trends.

I then ventured over to Amazon and searched for the same thing. But all of the products I found seemed to have no customer reviews, showing low demand or lack of interest. This is certainly not one of the viral products we are looking for.

i even found the same lights on amazon.

Of course, this part of the process is entirely down to personal taste. Over time you will learn the important signals you need to look for in order to hit the sweet-spot for a new product to drop ship.

In general, you want to find products that show a decent amount of interest through Aliexpress and Amazon sales, but that are not over-saturated with thousands of orders. These would be the ideal products to use.

If you run through this process multiple times, you will find many amazing viral and trending products that you can sell at the drop of a hat. Whether you just set up a one page store based on that particular product or include it as part of a wider store, you will have your key to viral sales right there!

The more you do it, the more it grows!

The great thing about this technique for product research is that the more you do it the more it will grow and develop. This is because Pinterest is smart and will start recommending other pins to you similar to the ones already clicked. When you click one of the above stores product pins, Pinterest will be sending other similar pins to your feed for the next time you look. An endless supply of cool drop shipping related pins.

This is how you will find out about more and more big dropshipping stores that are out there, and get an insight into the products they sell. Easy, right?

How do I save my Research?

So after all is said and done, how will you save all of those cool pins that you find? The best way is to create a board to store all of these pins for future reference. They are not only good to look at for the actual products, but also for the marketing techniques used. These are highly successful stores, so you want to follow in their footsteps, right!! Soon you will have a board full of cool ideas for drop shipping.

you can use a secret pinterest board to save your results.

Just make sure to go into the settings of this board and make it a secret board, so that other people can’t see it. It’s right there as a tick box option when you first create your board (see above).

How do you find your products?

So there you have it, my top method for finding those viral or trending products you can dropship. By doing this method, you are finding much more unique and untapped products than by just reading those ‘top 10 best products to dropship’ articles 🙂

We would love to know what techniques you use to find your viral products. If it is different from us, you can write all about it in the comments section below.

Happy drop shipping!

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