iWriter Review: Best Content Platform for Bloggers?

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As someone who owns many blogs and has ordered many articles, I know the benefit of outsourcing content. If one person is writing blog posts, you can scale (but slowly). However, if you have a team of people, then you can scale quickly and without losing your hair in the process 🙂 So today I want to share with you my experiences of iWriter, a content platform I have used multiple times to provide content for my blogs. Are they any good? Let’s find out together.

What Does iWriter Offer?

What does the iWriter service offer? iWriter is a self-publishing service that offers an all-in-one solution for writers, bloggers, and content marketers. iWriter has been a pioneer in the online content writing industry. In 2005, they became the first company to offer affordable, high-quality content writing and editing services. Content buyers can choose from a range of professional writing services, including blog posts, website content, e-books, and more.

For the average blog owner like you and me, in short, this is a platform where you can get access to a pool of writers that can write for you. If you are time poor but money rich, this can be a perfect way to grow your blog empire 🙂

How Much is iWriter?

This is where the iWriter service starts to get more complicated. Unlike Textun, another content service I reviewed, the pricing tiers are multiple and bordering on confusing!

They have four tiers, as you can see from the image below. These range from the lowest ‘Standard’ tier to the highest ‘Elite Plus’ tier. If you order a one thousand word blog post from a standard writer, you will pay $8.25 against the $72 needed to get an elite plus writer to do the same thing.

You are probably assuming right now that iWriter must somehow test their writers when they sign up and assign them to one of these pricing tiers based upon how well they can write. That would make sense, right? Wrong! They do have to write a 200 word blurb to test their research skill and pass a grammar test. But this is just to get in at the base level!

After that, it all depends on the number and quality of the ratings received from the customers they write content for. So everyone has to start at the bottom and work their way up.

How is the iWriter Ordering and Delivery Process?

iWriter have their ordering process down to a fine art. They have a detailed and comprehensive content ordering form that must be filled in to start the process. I like the fact that iWriter are encouraging us to hand in detailed briefs for the content we order, as this is the best way for us to get high-quality content back.

In terms of content delivery, this is another area that iWriter do very well. Everything is hosted on their online client portal. Once an article is written you can review, accept and download it right from there. You can choose to download in multiple formats, including PDF and Word documents. This makes the whole thing quick and easy to manage.

Is the iWriter Content Good?

My experiences with content from iWriter has been pretty hit and miss. I have had errors like the sentence show in the image below, where the writer makes some pretty small but basic grammatical errors. This is annoying as it makes you anxious that errors will slip through onto your site, meaning you have to carefully check everything. When I pay for my content, I don’t want to do this unless it’s really cheap.

Weirdly, the writer that gave me that content, was an Elite one. However, I have had higher quality articles from lower-level writers. For example, I can remember a particularly tough article that came back well written and with relevant research statistics included. All from a Premium level writer.

All of this turns iWriter into a bit of a content goldmine. Meaning to find good writers you have to do quite a lot of digging. There is a wide variation in quality, even within the different pricing tiers.

Would I Recommend iWriter?

Everything about iWriter is good apart from the actual content part, which is a shame as this is obviously all about the content. The ordering and delivery process is slick and modern, and the price is pretty competitive. But, for me personally, all of this is voided by the fact that finding a good writer on here takes a lot of work. By a process of trial and error it is possible to find good writers, but as I am sourcing content for many websites, I simply don’t have the time or patience to do this.

If you do have the time and patience to do this, it might be worthwhile to play the system. By this I mean to try out lots of lower end writers to find a good one. They all have to start at the lowest level and work up by writing quality content that gets highly rated by their customers. This means you can find good writers as they work their way up that system. And the bonus will be that you will be getting solid content at lower than market cost. I know several people doing this with iWriter and they seem to be satisfied!

Another problem I have with iWriter is the frankly massive gap between the Elite and Elite Plus level of writers. You jump from just under $5 for a 150 word Elite article to a whopping $13 for Elite Plus. They need to either add another tier in between or lower the cost of the Elite Plus tier. It is weird to me that it is almost triple the price.

For me, I will stick to the content services that have a simpler pricing structure and that can provide me prime content every time without any extra editing!!

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