Kafkai Review: AI Article Writing Savior?

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Here we go with another AI writer review, this time with an app called Kafkai. You know how everyone is always going on about AI and how it’s supposed to revolutionize the world? Well, it’s finally happening…in the writing department, mostly. Kafkai is one of many AI writing platforms that are part of this writing revolution. But is Kafkai any good? Can it write useable articles? That’s what we aim to find out today!

What is KafKai?

Kafkai is an AI article writer with a mission: to write human-quality articles in a fraction of the time of a human writer. Theoretically, they can produce 10 times more work than humans for every minute that goes by.

As many other AI writers are gunning for mostly short form content (such as blog titles and ad copy), Kafkai is taking the route of long form article writing that a lot of the competition is shying away from. Kafkai state that they are aiming this content generation tool squarely at SEO professionals and marketers alike. The feeling I get from Kafkai is that they are trying to compete with the article spinners a lot of SEO’s use (for example, when setting up PBN networks).

The articles generated from Kafkai are usually around the 500-900 mark. When creating these articles, the process is pretty simple. You choose the niche of the article you want to write and let Kafkai generate a random article around this topic. Alternatively, you can add a seed paragraph to help guide the content generated.

Kafkai do have a Wordpress plugin available to enable you to easily generate content directly on your blog. This is a pretty handy feature for anyone on this platform.

Who is Behind Kafkai?

Kafkai is backed and developed by the people over at Niteo, along with other projects such as Easy Blog Networks and WCart. Niteo have been around since 2007, so it is good to know that Kafkai is founded by what must be a pretty solid long standing company.

How Much is Kafkai?

Starting from $29 a month for 100 articles a month all the way up to $199 a month for 2500, there seems to be a plan to suit most needs. It’s kind of crazy to me to think that anyone would have the time to make 2500 articles a month, but I am sure those people are out there. Each plan does have a daily limit too, just to make sure you don’t try to generate your entire quota in one day and burn out the Kafkai servers!

As with most AI writing services, Kafkai offer a free trial to allow you to play around with their platform before fully committing. The only other thing to say is that I am a bit surprised that they don’t have an option to pay annually and save more on the subscription.

Is Kafkai’s AI Content any Good?

As most of you probably know, AI writers are only as good as the last article they wrote 🙂 So lets dive in and see whether Kafkai is up to the task of producing quality AI written articles for use on your blog!

My main test is to ask the AI writer to write an article around the subject of which animal sheds more hair, dogs or cats? In Kafkai, you simply type in a short paragraph to describe your requirements and let Kafkai get on with the generation.

Thankfully, they do have a ‘dogs’ category, so I should get a well-trained dog related AI to work for me! This is the first few paragraphs of what I got out…

There is no doubt that both dogs and cats can shed hair, which can be a nuisance to pet owners. But which one sheds more? Pet hair in carpet, on couch cushions, on clothing, and even in bed sheets can be a problem. Some pet owners have allergies to pet hair, and others just find shed hair unsightly. Quality vacuum cleaners designed for pet hair can be expensive, and some brands may not be suited for all floor types. So it really matters which pet sheds more!

The Top Three Household Pets – Dogs, Cats and Other Breeds

In the U.S. our pets generally are either cats or dogs, with dogs being far more popular. A more complete list of household pets includes: hamster, possum, turtle, cat, parrot, chipmunks, birds, etc. Cocker Spaniels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and other breeds are all considered part of the Non-Sporting Group.

According to the Humane Society of the U.S. the number one reason that pets end up at animal shelters and rescues is due to irresponsible breeding practices.

The intro to this article is actually not too bad, really. It does a decent job of setting the reader up for what is in store for the article. However, the rest of the article is totally off topic. You can see from the first few paragraphs above that after that intro paragraph, the article sets off on a different tack talking about the types of pets in American households and finding pets in rescue shelters! And after this it never came back. I literally had no useful material to work with other than the intro paragraph. I might as well of just got an intro paragraph generation from a competing tool instead!

For comparison, here is what I got out of Writesonic for an article on the same topic….

The Truth About Which Sheds More: Cats Or Dogs

I am sure a lot of pet owners hate pet hair! It seems to get everywhere, right? So for potential dog and cat owners, a key question would be ‘which sheds more hair? A dog or a cat? This is what we will find out today!

Which sheds more?

Cats or Dogs? Cats have the advantage here since they shed less hair than dogs, hence for those who are looking for a pet who sheds less, consider a cat instead of a dog! A lot of owners fail to realize that this is because of their fur. Some people think that their cats are just shedding out as their hair gets older, but that’s not the case. Cats have an active ‘radicle’ system inside their body that is responsible for producing the protein that makes up their fur. This makes the production of the protein automatic, which means that the cat’s hair does not have to be turned loose. So as long as the cat is active and moving about, the proteins that make up their hair stay put, and thus the fur does not come loose. Dogs, on the other hand, have a different process.

Even with just seeing the first few paragraphs, you should be able to see that this article from Writesonic was so much more on point than the one from Kafkai. So it is certainly possible to get decent article writing results using AI.

What I Like about Kafkai


I not exactly the biggest fan of Kafkai, however you can’t deny that they have an excellent pricepoint. Even the lowest $29 a month plan means that you can write an article for only $0.29! This is some of the cheapest article generation costs around.

What I Don’t Like about Kafkai

Content Quality

As you can see from my article generation test alongside Writesonic, Kafkai frankly generates pretty much junk content. And even when trying to do multiple generations at once, I find it hard to salvage any decent content from the output. I have tried a lot of these AI writing tools and I have to say that this one is one of the worst.

There is way too much randomness in their writing AI, which will often just go off on a random tangent and never come back. Some of the random points made in some of the articles I generated with Kafkai actually made me laugh out loud! This is pretty bad, and is a big time waster for anyone trying to create quality content.

Category System

I really don’t like the category or niche system that Kafkai has. It is very limiting, as if the topic you want to write about is not there, you are pretty stuck! They do have a general category, but it makes you feel like a second-class citizen if you have to use that. And with this so-called tailoring of the AI to specific topics, why oh why is the content generation still so bad? I tried several categories and wasn’t able to get good content out of any!

Should You Subscribe to Kafkai?

I actually have a pretty funny story about how I was introduced to Kafkai! When I had first heard about AI article writers, I thought (like a lot of other bloggers) that this would be my golden ticket to endless content. One morning I was reading through my Facebook feed and I saw an advert from Kafkai. I can’t remember the exact details, but it must have been pretty persuasive. I signed up for the service, all excited about what it would do for my blogging future! You can imagine my disappointment when I saw the crap that it ended up spewing out!

In fact, this is why I started writing about AI writers on my blog! I didn’t want other people getting all excited like I did and signing up for a substandard service. We are in the ‘Wild West’ of AI writing right now, so you need to tread lightly 🙂

Kafkai is a prime example of this as it promises so much yet delivers so little. I don’t know how they are training their AI over there at Kafkai, but let me tell you they need a massive overhaul!

Never in a million years would I recommend this service in its current state. Something like Writesonic (as you saw in the writing test) is much more capable of writing usable article content. If you want to find out for yourself, you can use the button below to check out the Writesonic free trial. Just, whatever you do, stay well clear of Kafkai 🙂

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