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Hello again dear reader! As someone that has been doing business online for a few years, I want to give you my honest opinions about some of the products available in this space. Today we are reviewing ‘My Leadgen Secret’, a product that promises to help you find leads and sell online.

When doing research on My Leadgen Secret, it is already quite a controversial product. So this is exactly the type of product that I want to try first so that you don’t have to put yourself in the firing line. My plan is to try this product for 30 days and let you know my honest results (with screenshots). Then, by the end of this article you will know if this is for you or not!

The review will work like this. The first part will be me detailing what exactly My Leadgen Secret is, then the second part will be covering my impressions and results. Note that the results section will be updated as the 30 days results unfolds. When the 30 days are over I will make sure that the whole review is updated with my complete thoughts.

With all that talk out of the way, lets get on with the review.

What is My Leadgen Secret?

My Leadgen secret is a product created by Jim Harmon to help others build a list to promote to. If you have been around internet marketing for any length of time, you must have heard the saying ‘It’s all in the list’. This shows you that marketing to an email list can be very profitable if you know what you are doing. This is where Jim Harmon comes in. He says he is an expert in this area and has many trusted partners he can use to source leads from. The whole idea of My Leadgen Secret is to share these leads with you.

My Leadgen Secret Review

As you can see from above the sales page, it is a pretty standard one for the internet marketing world. It is laid heavy with some pretty enticing claims such as saying it will help you ‘build a life changing fortune’ and ‘earn a full time income from internet marketing’. There are a lot of people who want these things but when you put them into a sales page it can come across as cheesy or fake. There have been a million and one systems that have come and gone that promise the exact same things but in fact turned out to be mere shells of what they promised.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this sales page as put off a lot of people from signing up to the program because it looks like ‘just another internet marketing scam’. Not the Review Guy though. I want to dive deeper and really find out what t he deal is.

The main selling point of this system is Jim sharing his leads, as mentioned above. If you pay him $30 for a month you will get 100 leads every day for that month. You can then use the built in email system to send out your own emails to these leads to sell them on whatever products you would like. You can even send out emails to promote My Lead Gen Secret itself, and when you get one person signed up your daily leads go to 200.

There is one additional upsell within the system known as ‘Master Email Swipes’ which gives you access to 30 of Jim’s best email swipes you can use within the system. After purchase these can easily be added to and used with the built in email system on the platform.

How Does it all Work?

Now you have an idea as to what My Leadgen Secret is, I want to show you the actual platform and how everything works. When you log in, your dashboard will look like this:

This is the main hub of the system and where you can quickly see your lead stats and the emails you have sent out. I am so used to courses, so I felt a little lost when I first logged in and was presented with this dashboard. By watching the Quick Start Video and going to their help page, I had a lot of my questions answered and was ready to go.

The Leads

They talk about their leads coming from what they call permission based leads, meaning these leads have opted in at some point and are not just randomly scraped from the internet (which would be bad). The only other thing similar to this, that I could think of, were solo ads. This is when you pay someone with a big list to send your emails to that list. A lot of people seem to get good results with Solo ads, so it makes me think this My Leadgen Secret method could work if done right.

At this point I am wondering why Jim would share his leads with us? If he has so many leads why doesn’t he just keep them for himself and get the sales directly? My guess would be that if he can get 100 people signed up to his system (for example) that’s a lot more emails being sent out every day than he could do on his own. You could say the exact same thing about solo ads providers right, and that seems to be a popular way to market!

My other question is whether the leads you get here are unique or if they are shared with other members. One hundred leads for a dollar is very cheap, wondering if unique could be possible at this price. Maybe Jim has a incredibly quick and cheap method of sourcing leads? When you go to the ‘My Leads’ tab you will see that each of your leads comes with a full set of details (including IP addresses). This does go some way to convincing me that these are genuine leads.

Anyway, my approach is going to be ‘don’t overthink it’. I will pay $30 for one month, try it out with an open mind and see what happens.

Just one more note on the leads. You are able to export them and use with your own email autoresponder. If you want to do this, just be sure to email your provider and ask them if it is OK. There are quite a few that won’t like this and your account will be banned. Personally, I don’t see the point when there is a built in email system right within My Leadgen Secret. In fact, Jim recommends that you use this as it has good IP ratings to insure best delivery rates.

The Emails

If you click over to the ‘mailing system’ tab you will be greeted with the built in email system. It is quite basic in nature, just allowing you to write and send emails. There are no flows and automated sequences available here. It is recommended that you manually come here every day and send out your email allocation for that day (which is one!). This is how you can get the best results, don’t be tempted to miss any days!

Even though the mailing system is basic by modern standards, it does have a couple of cool features. Firstly, it allows you to select emails by lead partners. As your email leads are sourced from different partners from potentially different sources, they might be interested in different things. This feature allows you to test out different types of offers to different lead partner lists to see what works best. Most people on this system will send out make money online style offers, but you might find a partner list that works well with health and fitness offers (for example).

The other cool feature is the ‘perfect timing’ option. This will send your email at a time that is statistically more likely to get your success (meaning the person on the other end will actually read it!). This is a useful addition and reminds me of the automatic timing of posts you can select with som social media posting tools.

As you can see below, other than that it is a pretty simple email editor and sending service 🙂 Nothing groundbreaking here. Any emails you send with their mailing system can either come from the generic My Lead Gen Secret email, or one branded with the first and second name you placed in your account profile.

The Stats

After you start sending out your leads you will get a full stats breakdown. Any emails you send out from the built in mailing system will automatically be tracked and open rates etc. monitored and added to your statistics page. This will help you get an idea as to which offers have worked best with the audience you have. The screenshot below doesn’t actually have any stats on it yet, but at least it should give you an idea as to what is covered.

The Affiliate System

The unique thing about My Leadgen Secret is that if you don’t have any of your own products to promote, you can simply promote My Leadgen Secret itself. When you click on the ‘affiliate’ tab on your dashboard you can see all the details. They even have a set of ready made emails you can use and simply import yourself. Actually, when doing my research on this product some current users suggested that this was what was making the most money among their mailings on the system.

When someone signs up for My Leadgen Secret under you, your cut will be $5 for each month they stick with the system. If they then sign up others under them you get a $4 a month cut. This continues for 5 levels, giving you a decent income potential if people stick around and manage to sign up people under themselves.

What’s My Plan?

After all is said and done, my plan is as follows. I will subscribe to the 30 day 100 leads a day program mentioned above. I will mainly market My Leadgen Secret itself to the leads I am assigned, using the ready made emails already made available to members. I may also through in some other products of my own here and there. Over this thirty days, I will monitor my results and will include updates to my progress below. At the end of the 30 days I will update this review and let you know my full thoughts on the program. To be honest, when I first saw this program I assumed it was a scam. However, I don’t want to assume anything, I want to try it out for 30 days with an open mind and see for myself if it works or not.

Should I Sign Up for ‘My Leadgen Secret’?

At this time I would say this. If you have a spare $30 floating around, why not sign up for 30 days and see what success you get for this time. What is $30 worth to you? Maybe it’s a sit down meal for 2 or a few rounds of drinks with ‘the boys’. Why not skip one of those meals or drinking sessions, put the $30 here and see what happens. That is the way I am approaching it and will be intrigued to see what happens. I literally just send out my first mailing, so lets see how it goes 🙂

My final thing would be to say, don’t treat this as a get rich quick scheme. If you go into it in this frame of mind, you will likely get disappointed when thousands of dollars don’t start flooding in. If you do sign up with $30 put the effort in and send your daily emails though the system. If you at least make back your $30 I would keep going. Each month tally up how much you have spent on traffic and how much you have made in sales. If that figure is not at least at the break even point I would stop. What do you have to loose? If you operate like this the most you can loose is $30.

Stay tuned for further updates…..

If you want to try this out for yourself, simply click HERE to be taken over to their sales page. I believe at the time of writing they will let you sign up for a free account to look around the platform. You don’t have to sign up to any of the paid elements straight away.

UPDATE 1: My First Commission

OK, I have already made my first commission of $5 using this system, literally a couple of days after signing up. See the image below. This is a great start, let’s see if it continues 🙂

Disclaimer: My reviews are always full and honest. Yes, they may have affiliate links in where I can earn a small commission, but this never influences my rating. I want you to trust and come back to my reviews!

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