Have You Tried These Affiliate Programs (instead of Amazon?)

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For several years Amazon has been the affiliate program of choice for many affiliate marketers. It was simple to set up, applied to a wide variety of niches and your earnings could be substantial. However, in recent years Amazon has taken a Katana to its commissions, slashing them multiple times. This has resulted in it not being the obvious choice it once was.

However, Amazon is not the only company that offers an affiliate program. While it is one of the pioneers to do so, you do not have to limit your affiliate marketing efforts to promoting Amazon products. 

Today, I will provide you with some alternatives to Amazon affiliate marketing programs. In the end, I hope you can make a choice that will expand your business and ease the pain of the recent Amazon commission changes!

Before we start, please be aware that the commission rates stated are correct at the time of writing. Please do your own research to find out the current rates.

Our Top 10 Alternative Affiliate Programs to Amazon

1. eBay

eBay, similar to Amazon, is also an e-commerce platform—a major one, at that. This is an online marketplace available all over the world. Aside from being able to both buy and sell, you can also trade items, and bid on your desired products.

Its affiliate program is called eBay Partner Network. Refer to the details below to know more about it:

Niche/s: Fashion, Health & Beauty, Cameras, Toys & Collectibles, Home, Digital Devices, Accessories


  • Minimum Payout: 10 currency units/$10 (US)
  • Payout Method: PayPal, Direct Deposit (if available)
  • Charges: Tax, Auction Fees
  • Instant Approval (If Eligible)
  • No membership fee


eBay’s commission rate depends on the category of the product. Below is the updated rate card:

  • Business & Industrial: 2.5%
  • Collectibles: 3%
  • Electronics: 1.5-2%
  • Fashion: 4%
  • Home: 3%
  • Lifestyle: 3%
  • Media: 3%
  • Automotive Parts: 3-4%
  • Real Estate: 1%
  • Other: 4%

Program Link: https://partnernetwork.ebay.com/


  • eBay Account

It is easy to join the eBay Partner Network. As you can see, there is only one requirement, which is to have an eBay account. You can either use your existing, or you can register for a new one in the platform. It is important that you read their network agreement before signing up so you can come clear with all the terms.

2. Walmart

Walmart is a retail corporation based in the United States. It has a very accessible platform as there are a lot of branches nationwide, in addition to their online presence. 

With approximately 2.2 million employees and 11,496 stores, they became known for being the largest company in terms of sales.

Because the company offers a wide variety of goods and merchandise, this is an ideal place to start being an affiliate. You can do so by applying for their affiliate program. 

Niche/s: Auto & Tires, Home & Improvement, Business Needs, Beauty, Garden, Outdoor Activities, Arts, Fashion, Accessories, Electronics, Industrial Tools, Pets


  • Monthly Payout
  • Payout Method: PayPal, Bank Transfer
  • Charges: Tax
  • 3-Day Cookie Duration
  • Instant Approval (Within 24 Hours)
  • No membership fee


Like eBay, the commission rates of Walmart will depend on the referred products’ niche. Refer to the details below regarding the offered commission:

  • Business & Personal Checks: 18%
  • Contact Lenses: 10%
  • Baby: 4%
  • Beauty: 4%
  • Clothing: 4%
  • Gifts & Registry: 4%
  • Health: 4%
  • Home: 4%
  • Sports & Outdoors: 4%
  • Toys: 4%
  • Jewelry: 4%
  • Garden: 4%
  • Books: 1%
  • Electronics: 1%
  • Movies: 1%
  • Music: 1%
  • Photo: 1%
  • Video Games: 1%
  • Others: 4%

Program Link: https://affiliates.walmart.com/#!/


  • Legitimate Website

There will be a 3-day adjustment period after a successful purchase to look out for possible returns and refunds. You will also be equipped with the needed tools to promote their brands such as the banners, affiliate tracker tools, and more.

3. Target

Target is another US-based retailing company. They sell general merchandise, which means you can find almost everything at their store. It used to offer its services through face-to-face interactions, but in recent years they have started moving more towards the online community to attract more customers.

Their affiliate program is called Target Affiliates. This is worth considering as they have a large existing market, especially in the United States. Below are the details:

Niche/s: Groceries, Household Needs, Theme Essentials, Clothing, Furniture, Kitchen Dining, Garden, Toys, Electronics, Games, Digital Products, Sports & Outdoors, Health & Beauty, Pets, Occasion Supplies


  • Monthly Payout
  • Payout Method: PayPal
  • 7-Day Cookie Duration
  • No membership fee


The process of commission rates in Target is quite different when compared to others. They base it on the total referrals that the affiliate gathers in a month. See the following table:

Monthly Orders

Apparel & Accessories

Home & Outdoor Living

Baby Needs and Furniture

Health & Beauty




































10,001 and above





Program Link: https://affiliates.target.com/campaign-promo-signup/Target.brand?execution=e1s1


  • A reputable website that targets the US
  • This program will work best if you want to major in products under Home, Living, and Outdoor Essentials.

4. ShareASale

ShareASale is a network that is specifically designed to help affiliates find merchants and vice versa. They do this by carefully grouping all their providers by niche/ industry. You can think of this as a marketplace consisting of numerous affiliate programs.

In the present, there are more than 3,900 merchants and 700,000 affiliates. Here are more details regarding the platform:

Niche/s: Home & Garden, Fashion, Environmental Resources, Business


  • Minimum Payout: $50; Processed every 20th of the month
  • Payout Method: Check Payments, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer ($29 fee)
  • No membership fee


The commission rates and the amount that you can earn are dependent on your chosen merchant and program.

Program Link: https://account.shareasale.com/newsignup.cfm?


  • Must have a platform to promote in (Website/Application/Service Provider)

Note that there are a wide variety of merchants available. It is best to search for your niche’s keyword to find out the merchants available to you. Considering the size of this affiliate network, not finding one that offers your desired field is close to impossible.

Moreover, features like the cookie duration, marketing resources, and the length of application approval will be stated in the programs provided. There are no fixed standards because the businesses are responsible for this decision. The terms come along with this.

5. Etsy

Etsy’s marketplace is known for its unique products. Specifically, they sell handmade crafts, novelties, vintage items, and the likes. This is the go-to platform of consumers who fancy the stated niches.

Recently, it opened its very own affiliate program. Refer to the details below to see if it fits your preferences.

Niche/s: Vintage Items, Novelties and Collectibles, Arts & Crafts, Handmade Products


  • Minimum Payout: $20-$100 (Depending on your preference); Payment is twice monthly
  • Payout Method: Direct Deposit, Check Payment
  • 30-Day Cookie Duration (Website); 7-Day Duration (Application)
  • 30-Day Cancellation Period
  • 99% Acceptance Rate
  • $5 deposit for a membership fee


4%, from the item’s original price, is the fixed commission rate for every sale done through your affiliate link. The type of product does not matter.

Program Link: https://ui.awin.com/publisher-signup/us/awin/?advertiser=10690


  • Have a website with a domain
  • Equip your website with sufficient content
  • Disclose if you own an Etsy shop or if you know someone that operates one
  • Inform the company if you want to start an Etsy shop any time after being an affiliate

If you want to make your affiliate journey stand out, then focusing on products not offered by many is the way to go. The markets that Etsy covers are often niche and on the smaller side, but often consist of loyal consumers that will often make repeat purchases from the platform. This niche nature makes it hard to find other good options for those consumers in a lot of cases.

6. Nike

Did you even know that Nike has an affiliate program? Well, believe or not they do 🙂 Nike, Inc. is probably the most known sports company worldwide. Although it offers numerous outdoor products like sportswear and sports equipment, their shoes are the main products that boost their sales.

There are a lot of benefits that come with applying to be an affiliate. 

Take a look at the information below:

Niche/s: Fitness Clothing, Sports & Outdoors


  • 30-Day Cookie Duration; 7-Day Duration for cash back, and other promo offers
  • Updated Product Feed
  • Regular News Updates
  • Free Delivery on Affiliate Orders
  • No membership fee


In the brand’s official website, they state that you can earn a commission rate of 11% at most. The page of their affiliate program, which is run by Awin, gives a more accurate rate card, however. 

See below:

  • Products at full price and Nike by You: 7% sales commission; 4% promo rates
  • Products on sale price: 4% sales commission; 4% promo rates
  • Products at full price and Nike by You products with promo codes: 6% sales commission; 4% promo rates
  • Products on sale price with promo codes: 3% sales commission; 3% promo rates

Program Link: https://ui.awin.com/publisher-signup/us/awin/step1?advertiser=16327


It will be a plus if you are specializing in a relevant niche (Sports, Fashion, News, Health, etc.).

Nike will also be responsible for the banners, vouchers, and discount codes to be used in your marketing strategies.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot is a company that specializes in e-commerce. It offers applications that can be used to aid in the needs of a business, specifically in customers’ relationship management (CRM), and content management system (CMS).

They have five main software products, but it is not limited to those as they offer numerous features and tools upon using their platform.

Here are the details of their affiliate program:

Niche/s: Ecommerce, Digital Software


  • No minimum sales
  • 90-Day Cookie Duration (Website)
  • No membership fee


HubSpot’s promise is that an affiliate can earn up to $1,000 a shot from their program. The thing that you need to know is that their commission fees are calculated by referrals. 

This means that their goal is to persuade a consumer to purchase one or more of their software’s packages. Specifically:

  • Starter/Basic: $250
  • Professional/CMS: $500
  • Enterprise: $1,000

Program Link: https://www.hubspot.com/partners/affiliates


  • Fully filled-in form
  • .com Domain

This is a good program to consider if you want to build your mastery around business tools, specifically in the area of e-commerce.

8. Petco

Petco Animal Supplies, Inc., commonly known as Petco, is a company which majors in pet related needs. They also sell specific kinds of live animals. They are based in the United States, with 1,500 branches nationwide.

Their market is composed of pet owners, and those that want to supply their beloved pets with the things that they need. As Petco revolves around one specific niche, it is safe to say that they have a committed group of consumers. This makes it an ideal platform for affiliates.

Below are the things that you need to know about Petco’s affiliate program:

Niche/s: Pets, Pet Essentials


  • Monthly Payout
  • Payout Method: Check Payment, Direct Deposit
  • 7-Day Cookie Duration
  • No membership fee


The commission rates vary from product to product. Here is the rate card for your reference:

  • Bedding, Food, Litter, Flea & Tick Treatment Products: 5%
  • Others: 8%

Program Link: https://www.petco.com/affiliate


The requirements to be eligible as their affiliate are unspecified, but they claim that the process is easy. It is worth trying out if the niche fits your liking.

9. Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising is a known affiliate network developed by the Rakuten Group. It serves as the third-party bridge between affiliates and popular brands like Best Buy, ECCO, and Sephora. Overall, there are 70 businesses available in the network.

Below are the details about Rakuten Advertising:

Niche/s: Electronics, Fashion, Accessories, Home, Outdoor, Sports & Fitness, Health & Beauty


  • Weekly Payout
  • Payout Method: PayPal, Direct Deposit
  • Session and Persistent Cookie


Rakuten does not directly provide you with the commissions. It will vary depending on the brand, and the affiliate program it corresponds to.

Program Link: https://rakutenadvertising.com/

Considering that Rakuten Advertising is just a network, the things that you need to know such as the requirements, your possible earnings, benefits, and more, will greatly vary according to the brand you are negotiating with and the corresponding affiliate program.

10. CJ Affiliate

The last affiliate program that we will discuss is CJ Affiliate. This is short for Commission Junction and is another affiliate network. This is composed of 3,000 merchants, in estimation. 

Signing up for CJ Affiliate can allow you to apply for brands like Lowe’s, and Barnes & Noble. Refer to the following information regarding the stated affiliate network:

Niche/s: Beauty & Health, Pets, Fashion, Outdoor Activities


  • Minimum Payout: $100 (Check); $50 (Direct Deposit); Payments are every 20th of the month
  • Payout Method: Direct Deposit, Check Payment


The commission varies depending on the niche, and the company behind the affiliate program. They, however, state that there is an average of 7% in commission.

Program Link: https://www.cj.com/


  • Must have your own website

Again, CJ Affiliate is just a network. You have to refer to the terms of your affiliate program to gather details about cookie duration, exact commission rates, and additional requirements.

How about if you are lazy?

Those ten options are great and all, but how about if you don’t have the time (or can’t be bothered) to change across all your affiliate links or find programs for each link if you are new to the whole thing?

Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are now options that will automatically monetize affiliate links from many different programs in one place. The best example of this is Viglink, a service run by Sovrn. They have an option to just connect your site and start monetizing your links, although you usually still have to apply to the individual affiliate programs inside Viglink first.

So Amazon isn’t the only option…

There are dozens upon dozens of companies that offer affiliate marketing programs. You do not have to limit yourself with Amazon. If you do, you will find yourself earning less and less if Amazon decides to make changes to its policies, like what happened in early 2020 when it cut down its affiliate commissions. 

Define your niche carefully, listen to affiliate marketing podcasts, and then choose from the selections that I provided. These companies offer generous commissions, and they do not have rules that limit you as an affiliate, unlike Amazon where you will lose your affiliate status if you do not make a sale in three months.

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