ShortlyAI: Learn These 5 Simple Hacks for Better Results!

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I am never quite sure what to call this new AI writing platform! Is it ShortlyAI? or even Shortly AI? Who knows, I think I will go with ShortlyAI! But more importantly, today I want to share with you some simple hacks you can use with this AI writing assistant to get better results! So if you are a ShortlyAI user, strap in and enjoy the ride 🙂

Why Do I Use ShortlyAI?

Personally, I feel that ShortlyAI perfectly matches the state of the GTP-3 AI that underpins it. It is well known that it is not designed for long form content and the longer you ask it to write the worse the quality often gets. In steps ShortlyAI, acting more as an AI writer that can work alongside you- an AI writing assistant if you will! I find this tag team approach with the AI gets much better results than asking it to simply generate blocks of content alone.

But What’s the Problem with ShortlyAI?

The problem a lot of people find is that they simply don’t know the best way to get content out of it. You see most other AI writing platforms will hold your hand as you are walked through the different content writing recipes or templates, asking you to simply input relevant information along the way. However ShortlyAI goes for a totally different approach. They have a text editor where you simply write and press a ‘write for me’ button to let the AI assistant take it’s turn writing. Rather than specific content templates, ShortlyAI has commands,such as the /instruct command, where users can simply ask for what they want.

I personally love the organic and free nature of this but many people don’t , as they don’t know about all the different options you can enter into the commands to get different results. When you give people so much openness a lot of people will simply loose their way!

This is where I can hopefully come in! In this article I want to tell you about some of the key commands I use to get a whole host of different outputs from ShortlyAI. Hopefully this will open your eyes to the possibility of the application!! After using the platform for a while now, I am more than happy to pass on my knowledge!!

ShortlyAI Hack 1: Getting it to Write Headlines!

I hear a lot of people saying things like “ShortlyAI can’t write headlines like the other AI writers can”, simply because it is not obvious how to do this in ShortlyAI! It is possible and the results are great, you just need to know what to do!

This is the exact instruct command I would use:

/instruct [give me some headline ideas for “Why AI Writers are growing in popularity”]

After clicking the write for me button (making sure that your cursor is at the end of the command), the tool will then write out some titles for you. If you need more simply click the write for me button a second time. If you aren’t happy with the results you can simply click the redo button to ask the AI to try again!

You can use these headlines for all kinds of things, such as blog posts and Youtube video titles.

ShortlyAI Hack 2: Getting it to write Blog Post Outlines

Another popular content template on other AI services is the good old blog outline one. This is great for giving you ideas about the best structure for a piece of content (it doesn’t have to be a blog post, you could use for a video too). This outline will give you possible headlines/ topics that you should cover.

This is the exact instruct command I would use:

/instruct [write a blog outline of for “Why You Should Use AI Writing Software”]

I how found the results for this command string have been awesome! And if not, simply press the redo button 🙂

ShortlyAI Hack 3: Getting it to write Answer Paragraphs

This is a perfect one with the introduction of featured snippets by Google in their search engine results page a while back. For those of you living under a rock, these featured snippets are short pieces of information plucked out of articles and placed as the top result for a Google search query. As these as become more sort after a lot of people are looking for ways top craft great answer paragraphs. ShortlyAI could be a great help here!

This is the exact instruct command I would use:

/instruct [answer “Why is the Earth Round?”]

This will give a decent answer paragraph on whatever question you put in the speech marks. If you feel the answer is too short, simply click the write for me button after the initial output to get a bit more.

ShortlyAI Hack 4: Getting it to write FAQs

Another very popular blog feature that often gets picked up by the Google search results are the FAQs or frequently asked questions. Most search results will have one or two sections at least halfway down the page of these frquently asked questions. Therefore, generating these with ShortlyAI can help you know what to write about. Or give you ideas for what to include in your own FAQ section at the end of your article.

This is the exact instruct command I would use:

/instruct [write some FAQs on the subject of “Best pets for kids”]

See how amazing ShortlyAI is? It can be used for all kinds of use cases, you just need to know what to type!

ShortlyAI Hack 5: Getting it a Bio paragraph

Yes, you read that right! ShortlyAI can be used to help you write a bio for yourself. We are all in need of inspiration sometimes, even when writing a bio about ourselves.

This is the exact instruct command I would use:

/instruct [write a bio for a man called Jim who used to be a presenter on the popular TV show Bullseye. Jim also likes to buy vintage wine and walk his dogs]

As long as you enter all the key details that you want included in your bio, you will be amazed at the results ShortlyAI can come up with.

If this article gets you excited to try out ShortlyAI, simply click the button below to go see this tool for yourself.

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