Top 3 Squarespace Templates for Bloggers! [CLEAN + AWESOME]

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So you’ve decided to start your blogging journey over at Squarespace, but you don’t know where to start! Fear not, we have a full and detailed report of the best Squarespace templates you should use as a blogger. I know how hard it can be at the start of a blogging journey, especially if you are a newbie. Hopefully, we can ease that a little with this article.

What Do I Look for in a Squarespace Blog?

  • I want it to be clean and modern.
  • I want it to look unique, there are many blogs out there these days, you need to stand out!
  • Good user functionality. If the user interface is clunky, people will simply leave.

The good thing is that Squarespace have many templates, and they are all included in your Squarespace subscription. No need to mess around with paid themes like you would have to in Wordpress.

Our Favorite Squarespace Templates for Bloggers


Malone is a template that was originally designed as a blog for a non-profit organization. The demo site shows some type of dog sanctuary as an example use case.

I think this site would work well for any blog, with its clean and modern look! I particularly like the fact it uses a lot of images as click-throughs. In the demo site they use this for the different dogs you can adopt, but I would use them as the links to the different categories on the blog.

A lot of blogs simply put a blog roll on the front page, but I have personally had great results by using a static page. Using images as a part of this, to link to your category pages, would look sleek and be a good experience for the user.

The other design choice I love on this template is the use of a hero image on the homepage. This would be great if you run a personal brand, but could also be adapted to feature one of the main topics of your blog. For example, the demo site uses this hero image to show a dog!

As you will see below, this is an excellent example of a simple and clean modern blog design.


Other than the weird name, this is a great blog template from Squarespace. I really like the design choices made here. Firstly, this is almost like the anti-hero image template. Instead of the regular cut out hero image (like what you saw with Malone above) they have instead gone for a regular photo in its place (I know! A regular photo! It sounds crazy right :)). With everyone and his brother doing the hero image style, this simpler version really makes a refreshing change. And it still looks great.

The other main plus point for me here are the blog category pages and the blog article layout. The way that images are being used in the blog roll gives this template a premium and highly original feel.

Lakshi is really intended for a personal brand (the demo site is for a personal trainer), and I think this is the best use of the template. I wouldn’t really use this template unless there is one main person behind the business.


If you want a blog roll on your home page, the Brower template could be for you. The demo site is shown as a food blog, so the color scheme is well suited to that. Although, I would see this template doing well with pretty much any blog topic with a few tweaks. The main thing is that it comes across as clean, sleek and modern. These are the type of websites I love to use, and will give your visitors the feeling they are engaging with a quality site.

As with a lot of the Squarespace templates mentioned here, they have gone for a unique format for the blog roll, with the different columns of posts being slightly offset.

The Brower template really is a prime example of the idea that less is more. I just love the simple but elegant design choices made here!

But Why Squarespace?

I would imagine if you landed on this article, you already know the benefits of hosting a blog on Squarespace. But just in case you don’t, here are my reasons why I might choose Squarespace over other options such as Wordpress.


If you are new to blogging, it can be confusing to work with Wordpress and all of its plugins and themes and potential security issues. Oh, and if you are working with a Wordpress host, you probably have to learn how to use cPanel too. Squarespace takes all of this away. You simple make an account with them, log in and all that you have to deal with are settings. It’s much easier for a newbie to quickly understand and use.


When you work with a typical Wordpress host, you will usually have to worry about upgrading that host as your blog grows (hopefully!). Squarespace will scale with you and offer unlimited bandwidth. This means you don’t have to worry about traffic spikes or the stability of your site as it grows.

Everything You Need in One Place

Whether you want a blog, an ecommerce store or a corporate website, Squarespace has all that you need in one place. You simply pay for a different plan dependent on how much functionality you need. With some other platforms, you need to gather a set of plugins yourself to get your site working well. For example, a lot of Wordpress bloggers rely on third party SEO plugins. With Squarespace, all of this is built right in.

Big Company Security

Squarespace is a massive company and is not going away any time soon. This means you can trust that they will look after your blog for the long term with little to no issues.

I see Squarespace as an excellent choice for a newbie or for someone that doesn’t want to spend hours tweaking everything on their site.

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