Is Textun a Scam or Legit? A Review of Textun for Bloggers

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If you’re a blogger, you know how important it is to get some traction for your blog. How should you do this? These days, most people have long forgotten about link building and chant the mantra ‘quality content is king’. But in order to get that traction, thousands of words of content need to go up! Do you have hours a day spare to do this? No, me neither! This is where content writing services such as Textun come in, offering to do some of the heavy lifting (AKA writing) for a monetary reward. But are they any good? Let’s find out together!

What Does Textun Offer?

I see Textun as a pretty back to basics type of content writing service. They don’t offer many bells or whistles, but instead just promise to offer excellent quality content at a reasonable cost. In fact, Textun as a company is reflected in the look of their website. Simple, stable and reliable….nothing flashy here!!

textun review

As you might expect, they promise to make sure any content they provide is unique and has been checked with the Copyscape tool. This is vital for any content service, as I have myself had issues with some services that have been flagged with duplicate content. I also rather like the fact they let you have unlimited revisions, this really tells me they have faith in their content.

Textun content writing service features.

If you are looking for a content agency to upload the content directly to your blog or add images for you, you are out of luck. Like I said, Textun don’t do bells and whistles!!

How Much Does Textun Charge?

Textun keeps it simple, even when it comes to pricing. They have two tiers, the premium tier for $0.045 cents a word and $0.035 for their standard tier. As you might expect, they say that the premium tier is written by their best writers.

This is how much Textun charges for its content.

I have used many content services to write content for my blogs, and I find that Textun have hit upon an excellent balance in their pricing. The cheaper tier is not so cheap that the quality you get back is junk or low quality. And the high quality is slightly cheaper than most other services I have tried. I always feel that I am getting excellent value when I order content from them, and this leads me to order more 🙂

How’s the Textun Content Ordering Process?

As you might expect, Textun keeps to their KISS motto here….keep it simple stupid. There are no accounts here for customers, you simply click on order now and fill in the simple form shown below.

The order form to get content from Textun.

I know some other people might find this too basic, but for me I find it very streamline and simple. Less time logging into account and more time being productive! The only thing about this method is that you need to look after the delivered content, as it is not in a customer portal like you would get in other writing services.

How’s the Textun Content Delivery Process?

Guess what? Yeah, you guessed it! It’s super simple 🙂 They will email you a word document of your articles. The only slight annoyance here is that all the articles are pasted into one Word Document. I would personally have preferred each article in a separate file, but am willing to put up with this if it is one of the factors in keeping their content prices on the lower end 🙂

What Did I Order?

For the purposes of this review, I ordered a batch of ten articles that totalled around 15000 words in content. This was using their premium price tier.

Is the Textun Content Quality Good?

In my humble opinion, the quality of the content I got back was excellent. The writer has an uncanny ability to inject some personality and even a little humour into the content. I have had a problem in the past with content writing services offering back dry and boring factual articles, with little flair. You could never accuse Textun of such a thing.

Below is one sample paragraph as an example of Textun’s content. I think this shows what I am talking about regarding the quality of writing. And this wasn’t a one off. Each article in the batch was of a similar quality. With so much copy cat run-of-the-mill content out there, this Textun quality really stands out to me.

Equally as importantly, I didn’t find a single spelling or grammatical error in the whole batch of 15000 words. This is impressive, to say the least. And Textun are often like this, showing me they have some top quality editors working for them. This is massive for any busy blog owners like myself!

Would I Recommend Textun?

I have personally ordered around one hundred articles from Textun and can vouch for their quality throughout this time. Ninety-nine percent of what I have received has been up to the quality described in this review. I only had one article that slightly missed the intent of the content brief, but that was literally the only problem I encountered, and it was a minor one at that. That’s a pretty impressively consistent service in my book.

When I outsource content from these agencies, I want to be able to do so quickly and easily. I don’t want to spend extra time re-editing mistakes in the content and such like. So far I have found that most of my Textun content can be published with no more than a cursory glance! So yes, I wholeheartedly recommend Textun if you want simple and easy content for a good price.

The only thing I will say is that all of my content ordered has been informational content, mostly answering key questions in my niches. As Textun don’t offer images and I don’t think they do comparison tables, I wonder how review content would come out with them. I haven’t ordered it, so I am just speculating here, but if you order this type of content, you might want to do a small test order first.

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