Top 9 Affiliate Marketing Podcasts [THAT I ACTUALLY LISTEN TO MYSELF!]

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Affiliate marketing really is a minefield, and most people need help at the start to make sure they are on the right track. Podcasts are a great (and free) way to up your affiliate marketing game. Even as someone with many years experience in the field, I still like using podcasts on a daily day. I am still learning new techniques and skills to add to my affiliate arsenal.

Podcasts really are becoming the norm for many people in America. A 2017 report done by Edison Research backs up this claim, saying that 65 million Americans in fact turn on podcasts every month! Thats crazy! Later in 2019 they discovered that 51% of Americans over twelve have listened to a podcast in some shape or form. Podcasts are the future!

Today I want to share with you some of my favourite affiliate marketing podcasts, so that you too can have a constant source of knowledge to apply to your business. Keeping up to date with the latest trends in the online world is an important part of affiliate marketing.

Before we start, I would like to share my biggest tip for finding a top affiliate marketing based podcast. There are people out there with real experience and success in the online world, these are the people you should listen to. Unfortunately, there are a lot of others that have never seen success themselves and simply parrot what they hear from others. These are the people you should ignore! Most times, this is obvious from the tone of their podcast.

Often, when the podcast is in a conversational style, and the hosts input their actual experiences in online marketing at random, you know it is legit. If the podcast sounds like someone reading from a script and not giving personal experience or opinions, this is probably one to ignore 🙂

1. The Doug Show

As someone that (among other things) enjoys building up websites, I am a big fan of Doug Cunnington. Yes, he does like to ramble at times, but I like what he has to say on website based affiliate marketing and he has some great success story interviews that I have learned alot from over the years.

As recent as last week I listened to an interview by Doug that gave me a whole new strategy to test out and explore. Doug was originally mostly talking about Amazon affiliate marketing, but is now starting to branch out and talk about affiliate marketing in general.

Doug was also the inventor of the KGR method (or keyword golden ratio). I personally think that this is now defunct due to how Google has changed its algorithm over the years, but Doug still has a lot of great advice and tips to offer. And he doesn’t try to overly push his courses or declare them as the be all and end all to the business. He is open to talk about competing methods as much as his own, meaning the Doug Show is as fair and trustworthy as you can get.

I hate it when people set up podcasts simply to push their courses and products, and spend all their time talking about how great they are in comparison to what else is on the market.

2. The Blog Millionaire Podcast

I have to say I don’t like the name of this podcast, giving off those spammy vibes from people selling get rich quick schemes and courses. This is not helped by the cheesy voice-overs used to intoduce and segway the different sections of the podcast.

However, the content is excellent and Brandon Gaille clearly knows what he is talking about. My personal favorite for me was an episode of the podcast he did about how to write killer blog headlines.

I am sure Brandon is very successful in the blogging niche, but he sure needs to rebrand his podcast and make it less cheesy in my opinion. If you can fight through this, you will get some excellent tips for optimising your affiliate marketing website. The only other real downside is the fact that his podcasts are really short, often being somewhere between 10-20 minutes long. Personally, I prefer longer podcasts that can ‘deep dive’ into subjects.

And unfortunately Brandon is basically using his podcast to get you to buy his course (that is always mentioned at the end of each episode), but its bearable and the content on offer is worth ‘taking one for the team.’

3. Authority Hacker Podcast

The Authority Hacker Podcast is top-notch and offers a wealth of information for anyone wanting to build affiliate marketing websites. Even though they do offer a rather expensive course, this is hardly ever raised on the podcast and if it is, they do it in a classy way. No annoying ‘in your face’ sales pitches here.

I love the in depth podcast Authority Hacker offers, usually going for at least an hour. Recently, they did an episode where they went over eight or so affiliate websites and talked about the pros and cons of each. Episodes like this really give you an insight into the years of knowledge Mark and Gael (the hosts and owners of Authority Hacker) have. These guys are honest too, they don’t just give every product they talk about a five star review!

Anyone who is interested in website based affiliate marketing should have the Authority Hacker podcast on repeat frankly 🙂

4. The Miles Beckler Podcast

Miles Beckler has figured out that rather than having paid courses he can make all his courses free and make money from the affiliate links within them (or that’s my opinion anyway). But hey, he can do what he wants because a lot of his courses are awesome. Most of his podcasts are simply the audio ripped from his YouTube videos and courses, so they are not always best suited to audio.

However, the content is often excellent and runs through all the major things an affiliate marketer will need to do. Even when its a topic I am familiar with I still get some good titbits to mull over and add to my affiliate armoury! There is one episode that springs to mind about picking your IM niche, where Miles literally went through hundreds of examples. I was genuinely surprised at how long he went on for listing off possible niches, whereas most others would just list a few and get you to think of the rest.

5. My Chatbot Life

This one comes a little out of left field, but covers a topic that I am very interested in and not many others discuss on podcasts, namely the upcoming world of chatbots. I have grown a real interest in chatbots recently and it is great getting advice and views from a highly successful person in the chatbot field. Mary Kathryn Johnson is a great host, bringing an informative yet calming vibe to the podcast.

Mary has a background in starting up a chatbot agency and building chat bots for clients, so this is the main topic of conversation in her episodes. As well as this, I do really enjoy the interviews she does with other successful and/or upcoming bot builders that she knows.

Chatbots are a fascinating new element to affiliate marketing that everyone should find out more about and at least experiment with from time to time. The opportunities are almost endless at this point. If you want to get onto the chatbot train yourself, this podcast is simply a must!

6. Next Level Facebook Ads Podcast

If you are an affiliate marketer that wants to run Facebook Ads, this is the podcast for you. Facebook ads are very expensive these days, and getting them wrong can be even more expensive! The host of this podcast, Phil Graham, does a good job of offering his expertise, tips and advice without a lot of other fluff or self promotion.

As someone that also wants to improve my Facebook ads game, I have learned a lot from Phil’s podcast and like his presentation style. He is to the point and easy to understand. If you are going on a flight anytime soon simply download a load of his podcasts to your phone and be prepared for Facebook ads boot camp 🙂

Although Phil does offer expensive courses and consulting, these are only pushed on you occasionally and in a natural way.

7. Fat Stacks Podcast

This is a fairly new podcast started by someone I enjoy following when it comes to content affiliate marketing, John Dykstra. John is a real living, breathing internet marketing success story. He runs several successful affiliate marketing blogs and recently announced that he earned around $70000 in one month. This is a guy that any budding content marketer should sit up and listen to.

I have enjoyed reading his Fat Stacks blog for a while now, so I was of course overjoyed when he brought out a podcast too!

John does short and to the point podcasts that talk about his experiences and things that have worked well for him over the years. John has found success mainly in producing helpful content on websites that he then monetizes with ads, so if that is what you are going for too, this podcast is invaluable.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this podcast hasn’t seen an episode for just over a month. I hope John will come back soon with new episodes, but even if he doesn’t you should totally go back and watch the old episodes to get an idea about his strategy. John was cranking out episodes at a fast rate before, so I think he just got burned out!

8. The Affiliate Guy Podcast

As most of my own online marketing journey involves building websites, that is why most of the podcasts so far have been about that. However, I have been known to promote other affiliate offers at times so I do like to listen to podcasts around this from time to time.

When it comes to this, my go to podcast is Matt McWilliam’s Affiliate Guy Podcast. This guy really has a lot of experience to share around the subject of affiliate marketing and promoting offers, and he offers a lot of great knowledge bombs throughout his podcasts for free. And he is not excessively pushing you to buy something either!

The other thing I love about this podcast is the consistency Matt has in his uploads. You can always rely on having a new episode from Matt sitting in your podcast player! And these are not ripped from other sources, they are episodes specifically made for the purpose of podcasting.

9. Scaling to Freedom Podcast

Christina Bernhard has a great amount of experience here when it comes to marketing, having been a Marketing and Creative Director for a law firm for over 5 years! She has now been a Facebook ads and funnel consultant for over 3 years to date, meaning she can put a lot of real experience into her podcast.

Christina does short and to the point podcast episodes, often only being around 10-15 minutes. But if you are interesting in paid traffic or funnel building, you can learn A LOT here. Christina also doesn’t bloat out her podcast with annoying adverts and self promotion, which is great to see!

I am sick of people taking the ‘fake it til you make it’ approach to affiliate marketing education. It’s great seeing someone here with real experience to pass on!!

So, there you have it, the no bullshit list of affiliate marketing podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. I will add to this as more are added to my personal playlist.

One thing I have struggled with is finding a good podcast around dropshipping, as most of the ones I have tried seem to be people just using it to sell their over priced courses! I hate podcasts that only self promote; I want to find something that talks about dropshipping in general! If any of you guys have found a good dropshipping podcast, please let me know in the comments section below!!

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